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1 parent 8dcea39 commit cc300ceb3932ff20ac26921ee9d67f2ed5f13feb martin committed Sep 27, 2002
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@@ -35,6 +35,8 @@
<TR><TD>&lt;FONT SIZE=1> small &lt;/FONT> <TD> <FONT SIZE=1>small</FONT> </TR>
<TR><TD>&lt;FONT SIZE=4> large &lt;/FONT> <TD> <FONT SIZE=4>large</FONT> </TR>
<TR><TD>&lt;FONT COLOR=green> example &lt;/FONT> <TD> <FONT color=green>example</FONT> </TR>
+<TR><TD valign=top>&lt;UL>&lt;LI>one &lt;LI>two &lt;/UL> <TD valign=top> <UL><LI>one<LI>two</UL> </TR>
+<TR><TD>&lt;HR><TD> <HR> </TR>

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