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+<p><b>Advanced Settings</b></p>
+<p>Clicking this button will shown additional settings to configure package display.</p>
27 lang/en/help/scorm/window.html
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+<p align="center"><b>Window settings</b></p>
+<p>These settings can be hidden/shown by clicking the button labeled Hide settings or Show settings.</p>
+<p>Usually, packages are displayed in a normal window with the Moodle navigation
+ controls on top and package TOC on the left side. If you choose, you can get the content of the
+ package in a new window.</p>
+<p>However, if you wish to have your package appear in a new window follow these steps:</p>
+ <li>In the <b>Window:</b> section, select 'New Window'.</li>
+ <li>Determine the size window you wish to open. <br />
+ <p>Many people still use an average screen resolution of 800x600. In most cases it's best if you
+ initially size your window a little smaller than that, like 600 high and 480 wide.</p>
+ <p>If you set 100% for both these fields then the new popup window will fill all the screen.
+ Percentual values will fill the percentuage of the screen set.</p>
+ <p>If you leave these fields blank then the new popup window will be exactly the same size as the window they
+ clicked on to get the popup.</p>

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