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@@ -155,19 +155,6 @@ <h3 class="sectionheading"><a name="activities"></a>Setting up activities</h3>
forum, or a one-discussion-thread-per-user.
<br />
<br /></dd>
<dd>Each journal activity is an entry in the whole course journal. For each
one you can specify an open-ended question that guides what students write,
as well as a window of time in which the journal is open (weekly course
format only). A general rule of thumb is to create one journal per week.
Encourage students to write reflectively and critically in these journals,
as they are only available to them and you. Afterwards, you will be able
to grade and comment all the entries for that week or topic, and students
will receive an automatic email informing them of your feedback. Journals
are not designed to be continually added to - if you need to do that then
add more journal activities.
<br />
<br /></dd>
<dd>Resources are the content of your course. Each resource can be any file
you have uploaded or can point to using a URL. You can also maintain simple
@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
<p>Turning this feature on will allow individual entries in this glossary to be automatically linked whenever
the concept words and phrases appear throughout the rest of the same course. This includes forum
postings, internal resources, week summaries, journals and so on. </p>
postings, internal resources, week summaries and so on. </p>
<p>Note that enabling linking for the glossary does not automatically turn on linking for each entry -
linking needs to be set for each entry individually.</p>

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