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A little more explicit about PHP requirements

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moodler authored
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10 doc/install.html
@@ -26,8 +26,13 @@
<p>All you should need are:</p>
<li>a working installation of <A HREF="">PHP</A> (version
- 4.1.0 or better), including the <A HREF="">GD</A>
- library for manipulating images.</li>
+ 4.1.0 or later), with the following features enabled (most PHP installations
+ these days will have all of these):
+ <ul>
+ <LI>JPEG and/or PNG image editing support via the <A HREF="">GD library</A></li>
+ <LI>Sessions support
+ <LI>File uploading
+ </UL>
<li>a working database server (<A HREF="">MySQL</A> for
now, but soon it will support PostgreSQL, MSSQL, Oracle, Interbase, Foxpro,
Access, ADO, Sybase, DB2 or ODBC).</li>
@@ -65,6 +70,7 @@
index.php - the front page of the site</p>
<li>admin/ - code to administrate the whole server </li>
+ <li>auth/ - plugin modules to authenticate users </li>
<li>course/ - code to display and manage courses </li>
<li>doc/ - help documentation for Moodle (eg this page)</li>
<li>files/ - code to display and manage uploaded files</li>
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