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1 parent e9a743d commit d077d1a0243ab6efc3ada3347465d018b81c66dd AMOS bot committed Aug 11, 2012
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2 install/lang/lt/admin.php
@@ -39,4 +39,4 @@
$string['cliunknowoption'] = 'Neatpažintos parinktys: {$a} naudokite --žinyno parinktį.';
$string['cliyesnoprompt'] = 'įveskite t (taip) arba n (ne)';
$string['environmentrequireinstall'] = 'turi būti įdiegta ir įgalinta';
-$string['environmentrequireversion'] = 'reikalinga {$a-needed} versija, o Jūs turite {$a-current}';
+$string['environmentrequireversion'] = 'reikalinga {$a->needed} versija, o Jūs turite {$a->current}';

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