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A couple of new help file for version 2004092700.

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+<p align="center"><b>Passwords</b></p>
+<p>This field sets the &quot;access&quot; password for this exercise. The
+ password can be up to 10 characters long. The password can be reset at any
+ time during the workshop. Whether students are asked for the password to
+ enter the workshop is determined by the &quot;Use Password&quot; option.</p>
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+<p align="center"><b>Use Password</b></p>
+<p>Normally a workshop is open, that is if a workshop is visible, students can
+ see the contents of the workshop. The availability of an
+ workshop within the course is normally best controlled through the
+ Visible/Hide activity feature.</p>
+ <p>The Use Password option is used to associate an
+ &quot;access&quot; password with the workshop. There may be
+ occasions when it is necessary to password protect a workshop. For
+ example, a workshop may be used with several groups of students in a
+ course and each group is set the workshop at different times. The access
+ password is used to prevent the &quot;second&quot; group of students, say,
+ from doing the workshop once the workshop has been opened up for the
+ &quot;first&quot; group.</p>

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