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MDL-32837 Add style to allow for js elements to be shown only if js i…

…s enabled
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1 parent b84eb3c commit d4365c03640d6676e6f70132a83209a981bb1787 @andrewnicols andrewnicols committed May 9, 2012
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  1. +2 −0 theme/base/style/core.css
2 theme/base/style/core.css
@@ -73,6 +73,8 @@ a.autolink.glossary:hover {cursor: help;}
.collapsibleregioncaption {white-space: nowrap;}
.collapsibleregioncaption img {vertical-align: middle;}
.jsenabled .hiddenifjs {display: none;}
+.visibleifjs {display: none;}
+.jsenabled .visibleifjs {display: inline;}
.jsenabled .collapsibleregion {overflow:hidden;}
.jsenabled .collapsed .collapsibleregioninner {visibility: hidden;}
.yui-overlay .yui-widget-bd {background-color:#FFEE69;border:1px solid #A6982B;border-top-color: #D4C237;color:#000000;left:0;padding:2px 5px;position:relative;top:0;z-index:1;}

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