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MDL-35426 - Right align role names inside course Participants view

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1 parent 669973b commit d4d31582904726535d6bb838d83e144b60e2852d @nadavkav nadavkav committed with danpoltawski Sep 13, 2012
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@@ -554,6 +554,7 @@ body.tag .managelink {padding: 5px;}
.userenrolment .col_role {width:262px;}
.userenrolment .col_role .roles {margin-right:30px;}
.userenrolment .col_role .role {float:left;padding:3px;margin:3px;}
+.dir-rtl .userenrolment .col_role .role {float:right;}
.userenrolment .col_role .role a {margin-left:3px;cursor:pointer;}
.userenrolment .col_role .addrole {float:right;width:18px;margin:3px;height:18px;text-align:center;}
.userenrolment .col_role .addrole a img {vertical-align:bottom;}

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