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ethem committed Dec 9, 2005
1 parent 9e80f00 commit d802ddcd3e9418cde66eba81c4faeba87ec5be3b
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  1. +5 −6 lang/en/enrol_authorize.php
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
$string['adminauthorizeemail'] = 'Email Sending Settings';
$string['adminauthorizesettings'] = ' Settings';
$string['adminauthorizewide'] = 'Site-Wide Settings';
-$string['adminreview'] = 'Review order before capturing the credit card.';
+$string['adminreview'] = 'Review order before processing the credit card.';
$string['anlogin'] = ' Login name';
$string['anpassword'] = ' Password';
$string['anreferer'] = 'Define the URL referer if you have set up this in your account. This will send a line \"Referer: URL\" embedded in the web request.';
@@ -19,19 +19,18 @@
$string['cctype'] = 'Credit Card Type';
$string['ccvv'] = 'Card Verification';
$string['ccvvhelp'] = 'Look at the back of card (last 3 digits)';
-$string['choosemethod'] = 'If you know enrolment key of the course, enter it; otherwise you need to paid for this course.';
+$string['choosemethod'] = 'If you know enrolment key of the course, enter it; otherwise you need to pay for this course.';
$string['chooseone'] = 'Fill one or both of the following two fields';
$string['description'] = 'The module allows you to set up paid courses by merchants. If the cost for any course is zero, then students are not asked to pay for entry. There is a site-wide cost that you set here as a default for the whole site and then a course setting that you can set for each course individually. The course cost overrides the site cost.<br /><br /><b>Note:</b> If you enter an enrolment key in the course settings, then students will also have the option to enrol using a key. This is useful if you have a mixture of paying and non-paying students.';
$string['enrolname'] = ' Credit Card Gateway';
$string['httpsrequired'] = 'We are sorry to inform you that your request cannot be processed currently. This site\'s configuration couldn\'t be set up correcly.
<br /><br />
Please don\'t enter your credit card number unless you see a yellow lock at the bottom of the browser. It means, it simply encrypts all data sent between client and server. So the information during the transaction between 2 computers is protected and your credit card number cannot captured over the internet.';
-$string['logindesc'] = 'This option must be ON.
-<br /><br />
-You can set up <a href=\"$a->url\">loginhttps</a> option in Variables/Security section.
-<br /><br />
+$string['logindesc'] = 'This option must be ON. <br /><br />
+Please ensure that you have turned <a href=\"$a->url\">loginhttps ON</a> in Admin >> Variables >> Security.<br /><br />
Turning this on will make Moodle use a secure https connection just for the login and payment pages.';
$string['nameoncard'] = 'Name on Card';
+$string['paymentpending'] = 'Your payment is pending for this course with this order number $a->orderid.';
$string['reviewday'] = 'Capture the credit card automatically unless a teacher or administrator review the order within <b>$a</b> days. CRON MUST BE ENABLED.<br />(0 day means it will disable autocapture, also means teacher or admin review order manually. Transaction will be cancelled if you disable autocapture or unless you review it within 30 days.)';
$string['reviewnotify'] = 'Your payment will be reviewed. Expect an email within a few days from your teacher.';
$string['sendpaymentbutton'] = 'Send Payment';

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