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+<P ALIGN=CENTER><B>Allow review once quiz is closed</B></P>
+<P>If you enable this option, then students will be able to
+ review their past attempts at this quiz.</P>
+<P>This is only enabled once the quiz is closed.</P>
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+<P ALIGN=CENTER><B>Reading</B></P>
+<P>When reading texts quickly it is often very easy to misunderstand what the
+ author was trying to say.</P>
+<P>To avoid misunderstanding, read their words carefully and try to see things
+ from the author's point of view.<P>
+<P>It can also help to think of what the author has NOT said or left in doubt
+ - this may help you form questions in your own mind.</P>
+<P ALIGN=RIGHT><? helpbutton("questions", get_string("helpquestions"), "moodle", true, true) ?></P>
+<P ALIGN=RIGHT><? helpbutton("writing", get_string("helpwriting"), "moodle", true, true) ?></P>
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+<P ALIGN=CENTER><B>Writing</B></P>
+<P>When writing text for others to read, try and write directly to your audience.</P>
+<P>Explain your ideas as clearly and simply as you can to help avoid misunderstandings.
+ One thing you can do is to avoid long words when a short one will do.</P>
+<P>In the forums it will really help to keep your whole posts short and on-topic.
+ Instead of one long rambling post that makes many different points, it may be
+ better to write several shorter ones (they may even belong in separate forums).
+<P>Re-edit your text as much as necessary until you get it right.
+ Even in forum posts you have <?PHP echo ($CFG->maxeditingtime/60) ?> minutes
+ after you've posted it to go back and improve it if necessary.</P>
+<P>When replying to others, try and think of interesting questions you
+ can ask them. This will help both you and the other person think (and learn!)
+ about the subject you are discussing.</P>
+<P ALIGN=RIGHT><? helpbutton("questions", get_string("helpquestions"), "moodle", true, true) ?></P>
+<P ALIGN=RIGHT><? helpbutton("reading", get_string("helpreading"), "moodle", true, true) ?></P>
+<P ALIGN=RIGHT><? helpbutton("ratings", get_string("separateandconnected"), "forum", true, true) ?></P>

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