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<LI><B>it - Italian</B>, by Davide Suraci,
<LI><B>pt_br - Portuguese (Brazilian)</B>, by Fabricio Valadares,
<LI><B>de - German</B>, by Holger Schadeck,
- <LI><B>es_mx - Spanish (Mexico)</B>, by Claudio Tavares (<A HREF=""></A>)
+ <LI><B>es_mx - Spanish (Mexico)</B>, by Claudio Tavares, <A HREF=""></A>
<LI><B>es_es - Spanish </B>, by Antonio J. Navarro Vergara,, <A HREF=""></A>
<LI><B>ca - Catalan</B>, by Carles Bellver with the help of Mercè Renau,
Clara Andrés and Jordi Adell,, <A HREF="">Centre d'Educació i Noves Tecnologies</A>

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