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MDL-15846 lang string small rewording

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1 parent 4051343 commit db1d22711dd89d0a546b510d530ad7889b3e1200 wildgirl committed Jul 29, 2008
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2 lang/en_utf8/admin.php
@@ -212,7 +212,7 @@
$string['configsectionstats'] = 'Statistics';
$string['configsectionuser'] = 'User';
$string['configsecureforms'] = 'Moodle can use an additional level of security when accepting data from web forms. If this is enabled, then the browser\'s HTTP_REFERER variable is checked against the current form address. In a very few cases this can cause problems if the user is using a firewall (eg Zonealarm) configured to strip HTTP_REFERER from their web traffic. Symptoms are getting \'stuck\' on a form. If your users are having problems with the login page (for example) you might want to disable this setting, although it might leave your site more open to brute-force password attacks. If in doubt, leave this set to \'Yes\'.';
-$string['configsendcoursewelcomemessage'] = 'If enabled users receive welcome message after they are enrolled into course.';
+$string['configsendcoursewelcomemessage'] = 'If enabled, users receive a welcome message via email when they self-enrol in a course.';
$string['configsessioncookie'] = 'This setting customises the name of the cookie used for Moodle sessions. This is optional, and only useful to avoid cookies being confused when there is more than one copy of Moodle running within the same web site.';
$string['configsessioncookiepath'] = 'If you need to change where browsers send the Moodle cookies, you can change this setting to specify a subdirectory of your web site. Otherwise the default \'/\' should be fine.';
$string['configsessiontimeout'] = 'If people logged in to this site are idle for a long time (without loading pages) then they are automatically logged out (their session is ended). This variable specifies how long this time should be.';

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