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MDL-40447 Administration: Fix translation: "Profile" should be "Profi…

…le Fields" on advanced (more...) user filter form
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1 parent 14e8af6 commit db7d0186ee9aff4fabfcb1a2d342030ad87439a2 @nadavkav nadavkav committed Aug 17, 2013
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  1. +1 −1 user/filters/lib.php
@@ -111,7 +111,7 @@ function get_field($fieldname, $advanced) {
case 'country': return new user_filter_select('country', get_string('country'), $advanced, 'country', get_string_manager()->get_list_of_countries(), $USER->country);
case 'confirmed': return new user_filter_yesno('confirmed', get_string('confirmed', 'admin'), $advanced, 'confirmed');
case 'suspended': return new user_filter_yesno('suspended', get_string('suspended', 'auth'), $advanced, 'suspended');
- case 'profile': return new user_filter_profilefield('profile', get_string('profile'), $advanced);
+ case 'profile': return new user_filter_profilefield('profile', get_string('profilefields', 'admin'), $advanced);
case 'courserole': return new user_filter_courserole('courserole', get_string('courserole', 'filters'), $advanced);
case 'systemrole': return new user_filter_globalrole('systemrole', get_string('globalrole', 'role'), $advanced);
case 'firstaccess': return new user_filter_date('firstaccess', get_string('firstaccess', 'filters'), $advanced, 'firstaccess');

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