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  2. +10 −5 lang/en/workshop.php
@@ -83,6 +83,7 @@
$string['configerrorlevel'] = "Choose the amount of PHP warnings that you want to be displayed. Normal is usually the best choice.";
$string['configsecureforms'] = "Moodle can use an additional level of security when accepting data from web forms. If this is enabled, then the browser's HTTP_REFERER variable is checked against the current form address. In a very few cases this can cause problems if the user is using a firewall (eg Zonealarm) configured to strip HTTP_REFERER from their web traffic. Symptoms are getting 'stuck' on a form. If your users are having problems with the login page (for example) you might want to disable this setting, although it might leave your site more open to brute-force password attacks. If in doubt, leave this set to 'Yes'.";
$string['confightmleditor'] = "Choose whether or not to allow use of the embedded HTML text editor. Even if you choose allow, this editor will only appear when the user is using a compatible browser (IE 5.5 or later). Users can also choose not to use it.";
+$string['configidnumber'] = "This option specifies whether (a) Users are not be asked for an ID number at all, (b) Users are asked for an ID number but can leave it blank or (c) Users are asked for an ID Number and cannot leave it blank. If given the User's ID number is displayed in their Profile.";
$string['configintro'] = "On this page you can specify a number of configuration variables that help make Moodle work properly on your server. Don't worry too much about it - the defaults will usually work fine and you can always come back to this page later and change these settings.";
$string['configintroadmin'] = "On this page you should configure your main administrator account which will have complete control over the site. Make sure you give it a secure username and password as well as a valid email address. You can create more admin accounts later on.";
$string['configintrosite'] = "This page allows you to configure the front page and name of this new site. You can come back here later to change these settings any time using the 'Site Settings' link on the home page.";
@@ -155,6 +156,7 @@
$string['displayingrecords'] = "Displaying \$a records";
$string['displayingusers'] = "Displaying users \$a->start to \$a->end";
$string['documentation'] = "Moodle Documentation";
+$string['donotask'] = "Do Not Ask";
$string['downloadexcel'] = "Download in Excel format";
$string['downloadtext'] = "Download in text format";
$string['doyouagree'] = "Have you read these conditions and understood them?";
@@ -547,6 +549,7 @@
$string['removecreator'] = "Remove course creator";
$string['removeteacher'] = "Remove teacher";
$string['rename'] = "Rename";
+$string['required'] = "Required";
$string['resources'] = "Resources";
$string['restore'] = "Restore";
$string['restorecancelled'] = "Restore cancelled";
@@ -9,6 +9,7 @@
$string['allowresubmit'] = "Allow Resubmissions";
$string['alreadyinphase'] = "Already in Phase \$a";
$string['amendassessmentelements'] = "Amend Assessment Elements";
+$string['amendtitle'] = "Amend Title";
$string['assess'] = "Assess";
$string['assessedon'] = "Assessed on \$a";
$string['assessment'] = "Assessment";
@@ -32,11 +33,13 @@
$string['closeassignment'] = "Close Assignment";
$string['comment'] = "Comment";
$string['commentby'] = "Comment by";
+$string['confirmdeletionofthisitem'] = "Confirm Deletion of this \$a";
$string['criteria'] = "Criteria";
$string['deadline'] = "Deadline";
$string['deadlineis'] = "The Deadline is \$a";
$string['description'] = "Description";
$string['delete'] = "Delete";
+$string['deleting'] = "Deleting";
$string['detailsofassessment'] = "Details of Assessment";
$string['disagreewiththisassessment'] = "Disagree with this Assessment";
$string['displayoffinalgrades'] = "Display of Final Grades";
@@ -63,14 +66,15 @@
$string['includeteachersgrade'] = "Include Teacher's Grade";
$string['listassessments'] = "List Assessments";
$string['listofallsubmissions'] = "List of all Submissions";
+$string['liststudentsassessments'] = "List Student's Assessments";
$string['managingassignment'] = "Managing Assignment";
$string['maximumsize'] = "Maximum Size";
$string['modulename'] = "Workshop";
$string['modulenameplural'] = "Workshops";
-$string['movedtophase'] = "Moved to Phase \$a";
-$string['moveonto'] = "Move on to";
-$string['newassessments'] = "New workshop assessments";
-$string['newsubmissions'] = "New workshop submissions";
+$string['movingtophase'] = "Moving to Phase \$a";
+$string['newassessments'] = "New Assessments";
+$string['newgradings'] = "New Gradings";
+$string['newsubmissions'] = "New Submissions";
$string['noassessmentsdone'] = "No Assessments Done";
$string['nosubmissionsavailableforassessment'] = "No Submissions available for assessment";
$string['notavailable'] = "Not Available";
@@ -101,6 +105,7 @@
$string['phase4'] = "Show Final Grades";
$string['pleaseassesstheseexamplesfromtheteacher'] = "Please assess these Examples from the \$a";
$string['pleaseassessthesestudentsubmissions'] = "Please assess these \$a Submissions";
+$string['pleaseassessyoursubmissions'] = "Please assess your Submission(s)";
$string['reassess'] = "Re-assess";
$string['reply'] = "Reply";
$string['returntosubmissionpage'] = "Return to Submission Page";
@@ -121,14 +126,14 @@
$string['selfassessment'] = "Self Assessment";
$string['showgrades'] = "Show Grades";
$string['specimenassessmentform'] = "Specimen Assessment Form";
-$string['studentsassessment'] = "Student's Assessment";
$string['studentgrades'] = "\$a Grades";
$string['studentsubmissionsforassessment'] = "\$a Student Submissions for Assessment";
$string['studentsubmissions'] = "\$a Submissions";
$string['submitassignment'] = "Submit Assignment";
$string['submitexampleassignment'] = "Submit Example Assignment";
$string['submitted'] = "Submitted";
$string['submittedby'] = "Submitted by";
+$string['submission'] = "Submission";
$string['submissions'] = "Submissions";
$string['returnto'] = "Return to";
$string['teachersassessment'] = "Teacher's Assessment";

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