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@@ -123,7 +123,7 @@ function authorize_process_csv($filename)
- if (!empty($reftransid) && $transstatus == 'Settled Successfully' && $transtype == 'Credit') {
+ if (!empty($reftransid) && is_numeric($reftransid) && 'Settled Successfully' == $transstatus && 'Credit' == $transtype) {
if ($order = get_record('enrol_authorize', 'transid', $reftransid)) {
if (AN_METHOD_ECHECK == $order->paymentmethod) {
$refund = get_record('enrol_authorize_refunds', 'transid', $transid);
@@ -0,0 +1,24 @@
+<p align="center"><strong>Uploading CSV file</strong></p>
+ This action must be performed if you have enabled eCheck (ACH) transactions.
+ <li>Login to your account.</li>
+ <li>Run a REPORT or SEARCH transactions.</li>
+ <li>Select the date range if you search transactions.</li>
+ <li>A button called '<i>Download to File</i>' appears.</li>
+ <li>After clicked the button, tick '<i>Include Column Headings</i>' and select file type to be downloaded:
+ '<i>Expanded Fields/Comma Separated</i>' or '<i>Expanded Fields with CAVV Response/Comma Separated</i>'.</li>
+ <li>For more information click the help link on the page seen.</li>
+ <li>Click Submit button.</li>
+ <li>Once the file has been created, a pop up window will appear prompting you
+ to select the location where the file should be saved.</li>
+ <li>Please leave this window open until the pop up window prompting for your file location appears.
+ You may minimize this window by clicking the _ in the upper right hand corner to continue working.
+ Closing this window by clicking the X will cancel this action and your file will not be downloaded.</li>
+ <li>Once your file has been downloaded and saved to your local machine,
+ click the X in the upper right hand corner of this window to Close.</li>
+ <li>Finally, upload this CSV file to Moodle to enrol the users making payment by echeck.

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