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MDL-31158 grade: altered the help string for recovergradesdefault

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1 parent dbe93bc commit de80da61e859899eeae90cb10db7a4eb5d810124 @andyjdavis andyjdavis committed Feb 1, 2012
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  1. +2 −2 lang/en/grades.php
4 lang/en/grades.php
@@ -506,8 +506,8 @@
$string['real'] = 'Real';
$string['realletter'] = 'Real (letter)';
$string['realpercentage'] = 'Real (percentage)';
-$string['recovergradesdefault'] = 'Recover grades';
-$string['recovergradesdefault_help'] = 'Choose whether to always recover grades by default when re-enrolling a student.';
+$string['recovergradesdefault'] = 'Recover grades default';
+$string['recovergradesdefault_help'] = 'By default recover old grades when re-enrolling a user in a course.';
$string['regradeanyway'] = 'Regrade anyway';
$string['removeallcoursegrades'] = 'Delete all grades';
$string['removeallcourseitems'] = 'Delete all items and categories';

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