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ikawhero committed Mar 13, 2006
1 parent 86b67cc commit df44f29a899e91c3c48fce7e2a69a0e5e3d2be86
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@@ -60,7 +60,7 @@
$string['adminhelpmanagefilters'] = 'Choose text filters and related settings';
$string['adminhelpmanagemodules'] = 'Manage installed modules and their settings';
$string['adminhelpmymoodle'] = 'Configure the my moodle blocks for users';
$string['adminhelpreports'] = 'Ranking of courses for various criteria';
$string['adminhelpreports'] = 'Site level reports';
$string['adminhelpsitefiles'] = 'For publishing general files or uploading external backups';
$string['adminhelpsitesettings'] = 'Define how the front page of the site looks';
$string['adminhelpstickyblocks'] = 'Configure moodle wide sticky blocks';

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