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If you want to make changes to the .css generated from these .less files then you
-need to install recess ( to compile the .less files,
-then run these commands in the bootstrapbase/less/ folder:
+need to use a LESS Compiler. Details on specific compilers and how to install them
+can be found at
+At present, recess is the official tool for developers to compile LESS in to CSS, as
+other tools give different results in the generated CSS.
+Once recess has been installed you can compile and compress the LESS in to CSS using
+the following command:
recess --compile --compress moodle.less > ../style/moodle.css
You can add --watch to make sure it updates every time you make a change.
@@ -10,10 +15,12 @@ And for the subset of styles of interest to the TinyMCE editor:
recess --compile --compress editor.less > ../style/editor.css
-Non-command line options for .less compilation are available, see their github for more info.
If the compilation is failing and you're not getting any useful error message, try using lessc instead i.e.:
lessc moodle.less
This is the same tool that's getting called by recess, but the errors seems better if you go direct.
+Additional information about the Moodle bootstrap base theme can be found at

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