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Some new strings for the chat daemon

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1 parent 2cf6e64 commit e9b7bd094dd5f6ae7bb150c14994bb213b0a7e7d moodler committed Jul 25, 2004
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@@ -7,9 +7,14 @@
$string['chatname'] = 'Name of this chat room';
$string['chatreport'] = 'Chat sessions';
$string['chattime'] = 'Next chat time';
+$string['configmethod'] = 'The normal chat method involves the clients regularly contacting the server for updates. It requires no configuration and works everywhere, but it can create a large load on the server with many chatters. Using a server daemon requires shell access to Unix, but it results in a fast scalable chat environment.';
$string['configoldping'] = 'After how long of not hearing from a user should we consider them gone?';
$string['configrefreshroom'] = 'How often should the chat room itself be refreshed? (in seconds). Setting this low will make the chat room seem quicker, but it may place a higher load on your web server when many people are chatting';
$string['configrefreshuserlist'] = 'How often should the list of users be refreshed? (in seconds)';
+$string['configserverhost'] = 'The hostname of the computer where the server daemon is';
+$string['configserverip'] = 'The numerical IP address that matches the above hostname';
+$string['configservermax'] = 'Max number of clients allowed';
+$string['configserverport'] = 'Port to use on the server for the daemon';
$string['currentchats'] = 'Active chat sessions';
$string['currentusers'] = 'Current users';
$string['deletesession'] = 'Delete this session';
@@ -24,6 +29,8 @@
$string['messageenter'] = '$a has just entered this chat';
$string['messageexit'] = '$a has left this chat';
$string['messages'] = 'Messages';
+$string['methodnormal'] = 'Normal method';
+$string['methoddaemon'] = 'Chat server daemon';
$string['modulename'] = 'Chat';
$string['modulenameplural'] = 'Chats';
$string['neverdeletemessages'] = 'Never delete messages';

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