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Added popup links for IP addresses in logs (display IP location on wo…

…rld map)
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commit ebea4e27cc1a40dbd860a911ab4330085f9da21f 1 parent 1864143
martin authored
Showing with 3 additions and 1 deletion.
  1. +3 −1 course/lib.php
4 course/lib.php
@@ -158,7 +158,9 @@ function print_log($course, $user=0, $date=0, $order="ORDER BY l.time ASC") {
echo "<TD NOWRAP ALIGN=right><FONT SIZE=2>".userdate($log->time, "%A")."</TD>";
echo "<TD NOWRAP><FONT SIZE=2>".userdate($log->time, "%e %B %Y, %I:%M %p")."</TD>";
- echo "<TD NOWRAP><FONT SIZE=2>$log->ip</TD>";
+ echo "<TD NOWRAP><FONT SIZE=2>";
+ link_to_popup_window("$CFG->wwwroot/lib/ipatlas/plot.php?address=$log->ip", "ipatlas","$log->ip", 400, 600);
+ echo "</TD>";
echo "<TD NOWRAP><FONT SIZE=2><A HREF=\"../user/view.php?id=$log->user&course=$log->course\"><B>$log->firstname $log->lastname</B></TD>";
echo "<TD NOWRAP><FONT SIZE=2>";
link_to_popup_window( make_log_url($log->module,$log->url), "fromloglive","$log->module $log->action", 400, 600);

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