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MDL-55837 themes: Remove re-setting of user/site/course theme

These themes cannot be chosen, so this part of the upgrade step is not necessary.
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damyon committed Sep 22, 2016
1 parent 791844d commit ecdccb918ddd392e2dbd1cf46b6e89d773eb73a9
Showing with 0 additions and 23 deletions.
  1. +0 −23 lib/db/upgrade.php
@@ -2190,29 +2190,6 @@ function xmldb_main_upgrade($oldversion) {
if (!empty($themes)) {
list($insql, $inparams) = $DB->get_in_or_equal($themes, SQL_PARAMS_NAMED);
// Replace the theme usage.
$DB->set_field_select('course', 'theme', 'clean', "theme $insql", $inparams);
$DB->set_field_select('course_categories', 'theme', 'clean', "theme $insql", $inparams);
$DB->set_field_select('user', 'theme', 'clean', "theme $insql", $inparams);
$DB->set_field_select('mnet_host', 'theme', 'clean', "theme $insql", $inparams);
// Replace the theme configs.
if (in_array(get_config('core', 'theme'), $themes)) {
set_config('theme', 'clean');
if (in_array(get_config('core', 'thememobile'), $themes)) {
set_config('thememobile', 'clean');
if (in_array(get_config('core', 'themelegacy'), $themes)) {
set_config('themelegacy', 'clean');
if (in_array(get_config('core', 'themetablet'), $themes)) {
set_config('themetablet', 'clean');
// Hacky emulation of plugin uninstallation.
foreach ($themes as $theme) {
unset_all_config_for_plugin('theme_' . $theme);

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