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moodler committed Aug 25, 2003
1 parent d6bdd9d commit ed3957808b2b2c74af507bb077612d01067054b1
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@@ -39,7 +39,7 @@
$string['adminhelplogs'] = "Browse logs of all activity on this site";
$string['adminhelpmanagemodules'] = "Manage installed modules and their settings";
$string['adminhelpmanagedatabase'] = "Access the database directly (be careful!)";
$string['adminhelpsitesettings'] = "Define the how the front page of the site looks";
$string['adminhelpsitesettings'] = "Define how the front page of the site looks";
$string['adminhelpsitefiles'] = "For publishing general files or uploading external backups";
$string['adminhelpthemes'] = "Choose how the site looks (colours, fonts etc)";
$string['adminhelpusers'] = "Define your users and set up authentication";

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