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moodler committed Jan 5, 2003
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@@ -82,8 +82,10 @@ <H3> New in Moodle 1.0.8 (due for release 6th January) </H3>
<LI> A default country can be set by the admin
<LI> View source button in Richtext editor was missing with some languages
<LI> A bug affecting grades page on some installations was fixed.
+ <LI> File upload problems on 4.3.0 have been fixed.
<LI> Some minor problems with the display of logs has been fixed.
<LI> Improved GD detection that works with PHP 4.3.0
+ <LI> If GD is not present then Moodle is now more usable (just less capable)
<LI> A bug causing the wrong display of the date has been fixed.
<LI> Usernames can now contain "." and "-" characters.
<LI> Cookies now use table prefixes for unique naming, so that many

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