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danpoltawski committed Jan 8, 2013
2 parents 05f8741 + 2e8da70 commit ef42830b87bf0ceb176c757811b5273a72239829
Showing with 7 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +2 −2 files/renderer.php
  2. +3 −0 lang/en/moodle.php
  3. +2 −0 theme/base/style/filemanager.css
@@ -188,15 +188,15 @@ private function fm_print_generallayout($fm) {
$strdroptoupload = get_string('droptoupload', 'moodle');
$icon_progress = $OUTPUT->pix_icon('i/loading_small', $strloading).'';
$restrictions = $this->fm_print_restrictions($fm);
- $strdndenabled = get_string('dndenabled_insentence', 'moodle').$OUTPUT->help_icon('dndenabled');
+ $strdndnotsupported = get_string('dndnotsupported_insentence', 'moodle').$OUTPUT->help_icon('dndnotsupported');
$strdndenabledinbox = get_string('dndenabled_inbox', 'moodle');
$loading = get_string('loading', 'repository');
$html = '
<div id="filemanager-'.$client_id.'" class="filemanager fm-loading">
<div class="fp-restrictions">
- <span class="dndupload-message"> - '.$strdndenabled.' </span>
+ <span class="dnduploadnotsupported-message"> - '.$strdndnotsupported.' </span>
<div class="fp-navbar">
<div class="filemanager-toolbar">
@@ -472,6 +472,9 @@
$string['dndenabled_help'] = 'You can drag one or more files from your desktop and drop them onto the box below to upload them.<br />Note: this may not work with other web browsers';
$string['dndenabled_insentence'] = 'drag and drop available';
$string['dndenabled_inbox'] = 'You can drag and drop files here to add them.';
+$string['dndnotsupported'] = 'Drag and drop upload not supported';
+$string['dndnotsupported_help'] = 'Your browser does not support drag and drop upload.<br />This feature is available in all recent versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari, as well as Internet Explorer v10 and above.';
+$string['dndnotsupported_insentence'] = 'drag and drop not supported';
$string['dnduploadwithoutcontent'] = 'This upload does not have any content';
$string['dndworkingfiletextlink'] = 'Drag and drop files, text or links onto course sections to upload them';
$string['dndworkingfilelink'] = 'Drag and drop files or links onto course sections to upload them';
@@ -341,6 +341,8 @@ a.ygtvspacer:hover {color: transparent;text-decoration: none;}
.filemanager-container.dndupload-over .dndupload-target {background:#FFFFFF;position:absolute;top:10px;bottom:10px;left:10px;right:10px;border: 2px dashed #6c8cd3;padding-top:85px;text-align:center;z-index: 3000;}
.dndupload-message {display:none;}
.dndsupported .dndupload-message {display:inline;}
+.dnduploadnotsupported-message {display:none;}
+.dndnotsupported .dnduploadnotsupported-message {display:inline;}
.dndupload-target {display:none;}
.dndsupported .dndupload-ready .dndupload-target {display:block;}
.dndupload-uploadinprogress {display:none;text-align:center;}

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