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When the number of pending orders expiring are sent to the teachers v…

…ia email, which one is important? The number of the orders or the total of the amounts.
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ethem committed Jun 15, 2006
1 parent 9900b2f commit efbd1fc51452019131bda53d45301e4f60616ea4
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@@ -10,6 +10,9 @@
$string['adminavs'] = 'Check this if you have activated Address Verification System (AVS) in your account. This demands address fields like street, state, country and zip when user fills out payment form.';
$string['admincronsetup'] = 'The cron.php maintenance script has not been run for at least 24 hours. <br />Cron must be enabled if you want to use scheduled-capture feature.<br /><b>Enable</b> \' plugin\' and <b>setup cron</b> properly; or <b>uncheck an_review</b> again.<br />If you disable scheduled-capture, transactions will be cancelled unless you review them within 30 days.<br />Check <b>an_review</b> and enter <b>\'0\' to an_capture_day</b> field<br />if you want to <b>manually</b> accept/deny payments within 30 days.';
$string['adminemailexpired'] = 'This is useful for \'Manual-Capture\'. Admins are notified <b>$a</b> days prior to pending orders expiring.';
+$string['adminemailexpiredsort'] = 'When the number of pending orders expiring are sent to the teachers via email, which one is important?';
+$string['adminemailexpiredsortcount'] = 'The number of the orders';
+$string['adminemailexpiredsortsum'] = 'The total of the amounts';
$string['adminemailexpiredteacher'] = 'If you have enabled manual-capture (see above) and teachers can manage the payments, teacher may also notified about pending orders expiring. This will send an email to each course teachers about how many pending orders expiring.';
$string['adminemailexpsetting'] = '(0=disable sending email, default=2, max=5)<br />(Manual capture settings for sending email: cron=enabled, an_review=checked, an_capture_day=0, an_emailexpired=1-5)';
$string['adminhelpcapturetitle'] = 'Scheduled-Capture Day';

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