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new help file explaining "clickreport" setting (added in HotPot v2.1)

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+<p align="center"><b>Enable clck reporting</b></p>
+ <dt><b>Yes</b></dt>
+ <dd>A separate record is stored in the database each time a
+ &quot;hint&quot;, &quot;clue&quot; or &quot;check&quot;
+ button is clicked. This allows the teacher to see a very
+ detailed report showing the state of the quiz at each click.
+ However, it may also mean that the size of the database grows
+ very quickly, because several &quot;click&quot; records may
+ be stored for each attempt at a quiz.</dd>
+ <dt><b>No</b></dt>
+ <dd>Only one record per attempt at a quiz is stored in the Moodle database.</dd>
+<p>By the default this option is disabled.</p>

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