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MDL-21250 capital letters removal

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1 parent 351d05e commit f085c3eccb3c4fe813002ff75816b0c497c9435d @wildgirl wildgirl committed Dec 8, 2010
4 auth/ldap/lang/en/auth_ldap.php
@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@
$string['auth_ldap_attrcreators_key'] = 'Attribute creators';
$string['auth_ldap_auth_user_create_key'] = 'Create users externally';
$string['auth_ldap_bind_dn'] = 'If you want to use bind-user to search users, specify it here. Something like \'cn=ldapuser,ou=public,o=org\'';
-$string['auth_ldap_bind_dn_key'] = 'Distinguished Name';
+$string['auth_ldap_bind_dn_key'] = 'Distinguished name';
$string['auth_ldap_bind_pw'] = 'Password for bind-user.';
$string['auth_ldap_bind_pw_key'] = 'Password';
$string['auth_ldap_bind_settings'] = 'Bind settings';
@@ -103,7 +103,7 @@
$string['auth_ntlmsso_ie_fastpath_key'] = 'MS IE fast path?';
$string['auth_ntlmsso_subnet'] = 'If set, it will only attempt SSO with clients in this subnet. Format:';
$string['auth_ntlmsso_subnet_key'] = 'Subnet';
-$string['auth_ntlmsso_type_key'] = 'Authentication Type';
+$string['auth_ntlmsso_type_key'] = 'Authentication type';
$string['auth_ntlmsso_type'] = 'The authentication method configured in the web server to authenticate the users (if in doubt, choose NTLM)';
$string['connectingldap'] = "Connecting to LDAP server...\n";
$string['creatingtemptable'] = "Creating temporary table {\$a}\n";
10 auth/shibboleth/lang/en/auth_shibboleth.php
@@ -23,25 +23,25 @@
* @license GNU GPL v3 or later
-$string['auth_shib_auth_method'] = 'Authentication Method Name';
+$string['auth_shib_auth_method'] = 'Authentication method name';
$string['auth_shib_auth_method_description'] = 'Provide a name for the Shibboleth authentication method that is familiar to your users. This could be the name of your Shibboleth federation, e.g. <tt>SWITCHaai Login</tt> or <tt>InCommon Login</tt> or similar.';
$string['auth_shibboleth_contact_administrator'] = 'In case you are not associated with the given organizations and you need access to a course on this server, please contact the';
$string['auth_shibbolethdescription'] = 'Using this method users are created and authenticated using <a href="">Shibboleth</a>.<br />Be sure to read the <a href="../auth/shibboleth/README.txt">README</a> for Shibboleth on how to set up your Moodle with Shibboleth';
$string['auth_shibboleth_errormsg'] = 'Please select the organization you are member of!';
-$string['auth_shibboleth_login'] = 'Shibboleth Login';
+$string['auth_shibboleth_login'] = 'Shibboleth login';
$string['auth_shibboleth_login_long'] = 'Login to Moodle via Shibboleth';
-$string['auth_shibboleth_manual_login'] = 'Manual Login';
+$string['auth_shibboleth_manual_login'] = 'Manual login';
$string['auth_shibboleth_select_member'] = 'I\'m a member of ...';
$string['auth_shibboleth_select_organization'] = 'For authentication via Shibboleth, please select your organization from the drop down list:';
$string['auth_shib_convert_data'] = 'Data modification API';
$string['auth_shib_convert_data_description'] = 'You can use this API to further modify the data provided by Shibboleth. Read the <a href="../auth/shibboleth/README.txt">README</a> for further instructions.';
$string['auth_shib_convert_data_warning'] = 'The file does not exist or is not readable by the webserver process!';
$string['auth_shib_changepasswordurl'] = 'Password-change URL';
-$string['auth_shib_idp_list'] = 'Identity Providers';
+$string['auth_shib_idp_list'] = 'Identity providers';
$string['auth_shib_idp_list_description'] = 'Provide a list of Identity Provider entityIDs to let the user choose from on the login page.<br />On each line there must be a comma-separated tuple for entityID of the IdP (see the Shibboleth metadata file) and Name of IdP as it shall be displayed in the drop-down list.<br />As an optional third parameter you can add the location of a Shibboleth session initiator that shall be used in case your Moodle installation is part of a multi federation setup.';
$string['auth_shib_instructions'] = 'Use the <a href="{$a}">Shibboleth login</a> to get access via Shibboleth, if your institution supports it.<br />Otherwise, use the normal login form shown here.';
$string['auth_shib_instructions_help'] = 'Here you should provide custom instructions for your users to explain Shibboleth. It will be shown on the login page in the instructions section. The instructions must include a link to "<b>{$a}</b>" that users click when they want to log in.';
-$string['auth_shib_integrated_wayf'] = 'Moodle WAYF Service';
+$string['auth_shib_integrated_wayf'] = 'Moodle WAYF service';
$string['auth_shib_integrated_wayf_description'] = 'If you check this, Moodle will use its own WAYF service instead of the one configured for Shibboleth. Moodle will display a drop-down list on this alternative login page where the user has to select his Identity Provider.';
$string['auth_shib_logout_return_url'] = 'Alternative logout return URL';
$string['auth_shib_logout_return_url_description'] = 'Provide the URL that Shibboleth users shall be redirected to after logging out.<br />If left empty, users will be redirected to the location that moodle will redirect users to';
4 lang/en/webservice.php
@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@
$string['addfunctionhelp'] = 'Select the function to add to the service.';
$string['addfunctions'] = 'Add functions';
$string['addfunctionsdescription'] = 'Select required functions for the newly created service.';
-$string['addrequiredcapability'] = 'Assign/Unassign the required capability';
+$string['addrequiredcapability'] = 'Assign/unassign the required capability';
$string['addservice'] = 'Add a new service: {$a->name} (id: {$a->id})';
$string['addservicefunction'] = 'Add functions to the service "{$a}"';
$string['allusers'] = 'All users';
@@ -127,7 +127,7 @@
$string['postrestparam'] = 'PHP code for REST (POST request)';
$string['potusers'] = 'Not authorised users';
$string['potusersmatching'] = 'Not authorised users matching';
-$string['print'] = 'Print All';
+$string['print'] = 'Print all';
$string['protocol'] = 'Protocol';
$string['removefunction'] = 'Remove';
$string['removefunctionconfirm'] = 'Do you really want to remove function "{$a->function}" from service "{$a->service}"?';
2 mod/data/preset/imagegallery/lang/en/datapreset_imagegallery.php
@@ -23,4 +23,4 @@
* @license GNU GPL v3 or later
-$string['modulename'] = 'Image Gallery';
+$string['modulename'] = 'Image gallery';

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