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MDL-29766 Add drag and drop upload to filemanager / filepicker elements

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1 parent 0e84b16 commit f08fac7c8910d44f6139f6f5d35514b788b9d2c5 @davosmith davosmith committed with danpoltawski Nov 8, 2011
@@ -451,6 +451,9 @@
$string['displayingrecords'] = 'Displaying {$a} records';
$string['displayingusers'] = 'Displaying users {$a->start} to {$a->end}';
$string['displayonpage'] = 'Display on page';
+$string['dndenabled'] = 'You can drag and drop files into this box to upload them';
+$string['dndenabled_help'] = 'You can drag one or more files from your desktop and drop them onto the box below to upload them.<br />Note: this may not work with other web browsers';
+$string['dndenabled_single'] = 'you can drag and drop a file into this box to upload it';
$string['documentation'] = 'Moodle documentation';
$string['down'] = 'Down';
$string['download'] = 'Download';
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