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MDL-38146 fixing navigation when adding/editing course category

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1 parent f29e62c commit f0b137c5b84351eef18e2fc1fe2e5a34575ea6aa @marinaglancy marinaglancy committed Feb 21, 2013
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  1. +3 −19 course/editcategory.php
@@ -131,25 +131,9 @@
-// Unfortunately the navigation never generates correctly for this page because technically this page doesn't actually
-// exist on the navigation; you get here through the course management page.
-// First up we'll try to make the course management page active seeing as that is where the user thinks they are.
-// The big prolem here is that the course management page is a common page for both editing users and common users and
-// is only added to the admin tree if the user has permission to edit at the system level.
-$node = $PAGE->settingsnav->get('root');
-if ($node) {
- $node = $node->get('courses');
- if ($node) {
- $node = $node->get('coursemgmt');
- }
-if ($node) {
- // The course management page exists so make that active.
- $node->make_active();
-} else {
- // Failing that we'll override the URL, not as accurate and chances are things
- // won't be 100% correct all the time but should work most times.
- // A common reason to arrive here is having the management capability within only a particular category (not at system level).
+// Page "Add new category" (with "Top" as a parent) does not exist in navigation.
+// We pretend we are on course management page.
+if (empty($id) && empty($parent)) {
navigation_node::override_active_url(new moodle_url('/course/manage.php'));

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