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MDL-40008 forms: fixed ordering of the calendar icon and enable check…

…box for the date selector element
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commit f31670ef40530f8049d990106e2446bc03be5247 1 parent 7f9f034
@markn86 markn86 authored danpoltawski committed
Showing with 2 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +2 −2 lib/form/dateselector.php
4 lib/form/dateselector.php
@@ -119,12 +119,12 @@ function _createElements()
$this->_elements[] = @MoodleQuickForm::createElement('select', 'day', get_string('day', 'form'), $days, $this->getAttributes(), true);
$this->_elements[] = @MoodleQuickForm::createElement('select', 'month', get_string('month', 'form'), $months, $this->getAttributes(), true);
$this->_elements[] = @MoodleQuickForm::createElement('select', 'year', get_string('year', 'form'), $years, $this->getAttributes(), true);
+ $this->_elements[] = @MoodleQuickForm::createElement('image', 'calendar', $OUTPUT->pix_url('i/calendar', 'moodle'),
+ array('title' => get_string('calendar', 'calendar'), 'class' => 'visibleifjs'));
// If optional we add a checkbox which the user can use to turn if on
if($this->_options['optional']) {
$this->_elements[] = @MoodleQuickForm::createElement('checkbox', 'enabled', null, get_string('enable'), $this->getAttributes(), true);
- $this->_elements[] = @MoodleQuickForm::createElement('image', 'calendar', $OUTPUT->pix_url('i/calendar', 'moodle'),
- array('title' => get_string('calendar', 'calendar'), 'class' => 'visibleifjs'));
foreach ($this->_elements as $element){
if (method_exists($element, 'setHiddenLabel')){
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