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Warning message added (criterion grading with only one criterion)

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1 parent 5d1f5ad commit f355b8ddb396a1ad0a944fa6acc644fa34b444cc rkingdon committed Aug 20, 2004
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@@ -99,6 +99,7 @@
$string['notitlegiven'] = "No Title Given";
$string['pleasemakeyourownassessment'] = "Please make your own Assessment of the Piece of Work from \$a. <br />Note that the Assessment Form is initially displayed with the Student's assessment.<br /> You should make any amendments you think necessary and then click on one <br />of the buttons at the foot of the page.";
$string['numberofassessmentelements'] = "Number of Comments, Assessment Elements, Grade Bands, Criterion Statments or Categories in a Rubric";
+$string['numberofcriterionelements'] = "Number of Criterion Elements must be greater than one.";
$string['numberofentries'] = "Number of Entries";
$string['numberofentriesinleaguetable'] = "Number of Entries in League Table";
$string['numberofnegativeresponses'] = "Number of Negative Responses";

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