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MDL-35910 Assignment 2.2: Fixed included files in assignment zip.

If Marking button is enabled, assignment is open and is not finalized, then don't add file to zip
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commit f415f6f84ba2e25c73cb6b965d5f05b5ebc0d1db 1 parent 10c3c37
@rajeshtaneja rajeshtaneja authored
Showing with 2 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +2 −2 mod/assignment/type/upload/assignment.class.php
4 mod/assignment/type/upload/assignment.class.php
@@ -1162,9 +1162,9 @@ public function download_submissions() {
$filename = str_replace(' ', '_', clean_filename($this->course->shortname.'-'.$this->assignment->name.'-'.$groupname.$this->assignment->id.".zip")); //name of new zip file.
foreach ($submissions as $submission) {
- // If assignment is open and submission is not finalized then don't add it to zip.
+ // If assignment is open and submission is not finalized and marking button enabled then don't add it to zip.
$submissionstatus = $this->is_finalized($submission);
- if ($this->isopen() && empty($submissionstatus)) {
+ if ($this->isopen() && empty($submissionstatus) && !empty($this->assignment->var4)) {
$a_userid = $submission->userid; //get userid
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