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MDL-13936 improved new lang string

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1 parent 6fd2072 commit f542e41fdd4bd6954b94eee3be9788692d7e3948 skodak committed Apr 18, 2008
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@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@
$string['bynameondate'] = 'by $a->name - $a->date';
$string['cannotviewpostyet'] = 'You cannot read other students questions in this discussion yet because you haven\'t posted';
$string['cannotadddiscussion'] = 'Adding discussions to this forum requires group membership.';
-$string['cannotadddiscussionall'] = 'Can not add discussions for all participants to this forum.';
+$string['cannotadddiscussionall'] = 'You do not have permission to add a new discussion topic for all participants.';
$string['cleanreadtime'] = 'Mark old posts as read hour';
$string['configcleanreadtime'] = 'The hour of the day to clean old posts from the \'read\' table.';
$string['configdisplaymode'] = 'The default display mode for discussions if one isn\'t set.';

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