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<dt>Major new features</dt>
- <li>New <strong>Calendar</strong> feature (thanks to Jon Papaioannou and the Greek School Network!)</li>
+ <li>New <strong>Calendar</strong> feature (thanks to Jon Papaioannou and the <a href="">Greek School Network</a>!)</li>
<li>New <strong>Blocks </strong>feature, allowing blocks to be added and moved around on course pages (thanks to Jon Papaioannou, Eloy Lafuente and others!)</li>
<li>New <strong>RSS System</strong> allows Forums and Glossaries (and later other modules) to publish RSS feeds (Thanks, Eloy!)</li>
<li><strong>Mediaplugin</strong> filter now supports auto-embedding of Quicktime, Flash, and Windows Media files.</li>

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