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Fixed a typo rad -> read

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moodler committed Dec 10, 2002
1 parent 454259a commit f5f08e24c1fb448ae1e0d5c8e94899361e422292
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@@ -103,7 +103,7 @@ <h3>2. Using CVS on Windows</h3>
<strong>User name</strong>: <font color="#990000">myusername</font><br>
<strong>CVSROOT</strong>: <font color="#990000">myusername</font></p>
- <strong>Checkout rad-only</strong>: uncheck<br>
+ <strong>Checkout read-only</strong>: uncheck<br>
<strong>Supply control when adding files</strong>: check<br>
<strong>Quiet mode</strong>: uncheck<br>
<strong>TCP/IP compression</strong>: check and select 9<br>

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