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stronk7 committed Mar 6, 2013
2 parents f4b9cea + 4d25fc3 commit f73c7d410bc46243183ce1bb6002488410f70826
Showing with 63 additions and 0 deletions.
  1. +63 −0 lib/db/upgrade.php
@@ -1610,5 +1610,68 @@ function xmldb_main_upgrade($oldversion) {
upgrade_main_savepoint(true, 2012120301.13);
// This is checking to see if the site has been running a specific version with a bug in it
// because this upgrade step is slow and is only needed if the site has been running with the affected versions.
if ($oldversion >= 2012062504.08 && $oldversion < 2012062504.11) {
// Retrieve the list of course_sections as a recordset to save memory.
// This is to fix a regression caused by MDL-37939.
// In this case the upgrade step is fixing records where:
// The data in course_sections.sequence contains the correct module id
// The section field for on the course modules table may have been updated to point to the incorrect id.
// This query is looking for sections where the sequence is not in sync with the course_modules table.
// The syntax for the like query is looking for a value in a comma separated list.
// It adds a comma to either site of the list and then searches for LIKE '%,id,%'.
$sequenceconcat = $DB->sql_concat("','", 's.sequence', "','");
$moduleconcat = $DB->sql_concat("'%,'", '', "',%'");
$sql = 'SELECT, s2.course, s2.sequence
FROM mdl_course_sections s2
{course_modules} cm
JOIN {course_sections} s
cm.course = s.course
WHERE cm.section != AND ' . $sequenceconcat . ' LIKE ' . $moduleconcat . '
) d
ON =';
$coursesections = $DB->get_recordset_sql($sql);
foreach ($coursesections as $coursesection) {
// Retrieve all of the actual modules in this course and section combination to reduce DB calls.
$actualsectionmodules = $DB->get_records('course_modules',
array('course' => $coursesection->course, 'section' => $coursesection->id), '', 'id, section');
// Break out the current sequence so that we can compare it.
$currentsequence = explode(',', $coursesection->sequence);
$orphanlist = array();
// Check each of the modules in the current sequence.
foreach ($currentsequence as $cmid) {
if (!empty($cmid) && !isset($actualsectionmodules[$cmid])) {
$orphanlist[] = $cmid;
if (!empty($orphanlist)) {
list($sql, $params) = $DB->get_in_or_equal($orphanlist, SQL_PARAMS_NAMED);
$sql = "id $sql";
$DB->set_field_select('course_modules', 'section', $coursesection->id, $sql, $params);
// And clear the sectioncache and modinfo cache - they'll be regenerated on next use.
$course = new stdClass();
$course->id = $coursesection->course;
$course->sectioncache = null;
$course->modinfo = null;
$DB->update_record('course', $course);
// No save point needed for this change
return true;

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