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MDL-27896 editor - added sanity check to pick wrong context passed to…

… editor creation
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commit f9157eb798e37ca9b4f517e585ff4ffb8a876a10 1 parent e9de1cf
Rajesh Taneja authored
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  1. +14 −0 lib/filelib.php
14 lib/filelib.php
@@ -111,6 +111,20 @@ function file_prepare_standard_editor($data, $field, array $options, $context=nu
$options['noclean'] = false;
+ //sanity check for passed context. This function doesn't expect $option['context'] to be set
+ //But this function is called before creating editor hence, this is one of the best places to check
+ //if context is used properly. This check notify developer that they missed passing context to editor.
+ if (isset($context) && !isset($options['context'])) {
+ //if $context is not null then make sure $option['context'] is also set.
+ debugging('Context for editor is not set in editoroptions. Hence editor will not respect editor filters', DEBUG_DEVELOPER);
+ } else if (isset($options['context']) && isset($context)) {
+ //If both are passed then they should be equal.
+ if ($options['context']->id != $context->id) {
+ $exceptionmsg = 'Editor context ['.$options['context']->id.'] is not equal to passed context ['.$context->id.']';
+ throw new coding_exception($exceptionmsg);
+ }
+ }
if (is_null($itemid) or is_null($context)) {
$contextid = null;
$itemid = null;

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