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+<P ALIGN=CENTER><B>Activity Modules</B></P>
+<P>Moodle contains a wide range of activity modules that can be used to
+ build up any type of course.</P>
+<P><IMG VALIGN=absmiddle SRC="<?=$CFG->wwwroot?>/mod/forum/icon.gif">&nbsp;<B>Forums</B></P>
+<P>This activity can be the most important - it is here that most discussion takes place.
+ Forums can be structured in different ways, and can include peer rating of each posting.
+ The postings can be viewed in a variety for formats, and can include attachments.
+ By subscribing to a forum, participants will receive copies of each new posting
+ in their email. A teacher can impose subscription on everyone if they want to.
+<P><IMG VALIGN=absmiddle SRC="<?=$CFG->wwwroot?>/mod/journal/icon.gif">&nbsp;<B>Journals</B></P>
+<P>This module is a very important reflective activity. The teacher
+ asks the student to reflect on a particular topic, and the student can
+ edit and refine their answer over time. This answer is private and
+ can only be seen by the teacher, who can offer feedback and a grade
+ on each journal entry. It's usually a good idea to have about one
+ Journal activity per week.</P>
+<P><IMG VALIGN=absmiddle SRC="<?=$CFG->wwwroot?>/mod/resource/icon.gif">&nbsp;<B>Resources</B></P>
+<P>Resources are content: information the teacher wants to bring into the
+ course. These can be prepared files uploaded to the course
+ server; pages edited directly in Moodle; or external web pages
+ made to appear part of this course.</P>
+<P><IMG VALIGN=absmiddle SRC="<?=$CFG->wwwroot?>/mod/assignment/icon.gif">&nbsp;<B>Assignments</B></P>
+<P>Assignments allow the teacher to specify a task that requires students
+ to prepare digital content (any format) and submit it by uploading it
+ to the server. Typical assignments include essays, projects, reports
+ and so on. This module includes grading facilities.</P>
+<P><IMG VALIGN=absmiddle SRC="<?=$CFG->wwwroot?>/mod/quiz/icon.gif">&nbsp;<B>Quizzes</B></P>
+<P>This module allows the teacher to design and set quiz tests, consisting of
+ multiple choice, true-false, and short answer questions. These
+ questions are kept in a categorised database, and can be re-used
+ within courses and even between courses. Quizzes can allow
+ multiple attempts. Each attempt is automatically marked, and the
+ teacher can choose whether to give feedback or to show correct answers.
+ This module includes grading facilities.</P>
+<P><IMG VALIGN=absmiddle SRC="<?=$CFG->wwwroot?>/mod/choice/icon.gif">&nbsp;<B>Choices</B></P>
+<P>A choice activity is very simple - the teacher asks a question and specifies a
+ choice of multiple responses. It can be useful as a quick poll to
+ stimulate thinking about a topic; to allow the class to vote on
+ a direction for the course; or to gather research consent.
+<P><IMG VALIGN=absmiddle SRC="<?=$CFG->wwwroot?>/mod/survey/icon.gif">&nbsp;<B>Surveys</B></P>
+<P>The Survey module provides a number of verified survey instruments that
+ have been found useful in assessing and stimulating learning in
+ online environments. Teachers can use these to gather data from their
+ students that will help them learn about their class and reflect
+ on their own teaching.</P>
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