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moodler authored
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  1. +9 −0 lang/en/moodle.php
  2. +4 −0 lang/en/quiz.php
9 lang/en/moodle.php
@@ -22,7 +22,9 @@
$string['alldays'] = "All days";
$string['allfieldsrequired'] = "All fields are required";
$string['alllogs'] = "All logs";
+$string['allow'] = "Allow";
$string['allowguests'] = "This course allows guest users to enter";
+$string['allownot'] = "Do not allow";
$string['allparticipants'] = "All participants";
$string['alphanumerical'] = "Can only contain alphabetical letters or numbers";
$string['alreadyconfirmed'] = "Registration has already been confirmed";
@@ -49,6 +51,7 @@
$string['configauth'] = "Choose the authentication module you want to use. The default is 'email' and has the best security. The method 'none' has no checking whatsoever - be careful using it unless you really know what you are doing.";
$string['configgdversion'] = "Indicate the version of GD that is installed. The version shown by default is the one that has been auto-detected. Don't change this unless you really know what you're doing.";
$string['configerrorlevel'] = "Choose the amount of PHP warnings that you want to be displayed. Normal is usually the best choice.";
+$string['confightmleditor'] = "Choose whether or not to allow use of the embedded HTML text editor. Even if you choose allow, this editor will only appear when the user is using a compatible browser (IE 5.5 or later). Users can also choose not to use it.";
$string['configintro'] = "On this page you can specify a number of configuration variables that help make Moodle work properly on your server. Don't worry too much about it - the defaults will usually work fine and you can always come back to this page later and change these settings.";
$string['configlang'] = "Choose a default language for the whole site. Users can override this setting later.";
$string['configlocale'] = "Choose a sitewide locale - this will affect the display of dates. You need to have this locale data installed on your operating system. If you don't know what to choose leave it blank.";
@@ -159,7 +162,10 @@
$string['followingrequired'] = "The following items are required";
$string['forgotten'] = "Forgotten your username or password?";
$string['format'] = "Format";
+$string['formathtml'] = "HTML format";
$string['formatsocial'] = "Social format";
+$string['formattext'] = "Plain text format";
+$string['formattexttype'] = "Formatting";
$string['formattopics'] = "Topics format";
$string['formatweeks'] = "Weekly format";
$string['frontpagedescription'] = "Front page description";
@@ -200,6 +206,7 @@
$string['home'] = "Home";
$string['hour'] = "hour";
$string['hours'] = "hours";
+$string['htmleditor'] = "Use WYSIWYG HTML editor (IE only, 5.5 or later)";
$string['htmlformat'] = "Pretty HTML format";
$string['icqnumber'] = "ICQ number";
$string['idnumber'] = "ID number";
@@ -413,6 +420,8 @@
$string['supplyinfo'] = "Please supply some information about yourself";
$string['teacheronly'] = "for the \$a only";
$string['textformat'] = "Plain text format";
+$string['textediting'] = "When editing text";
+$string['texteditor'] = "Use standard web forms";
$string['timezone'] = "Timezone";
$string['thanks'] = "Thanks";
$string['theme'] = "Theme";
4 lang/en/quiz.php
@@ -15,12 +15,16 @@
$string['attemptsunlimited'] = "Unlimited attempts";
$string['daysavailable'] = "Days available";
$string['false'] = "False";
+$string['grade'] = "Grade";
$string['gradeaverage'] = "Average grade";
$string['gradehighest'] = "Highest grade";
$string['grademethod'] = "Grading method";
$string['introduction'] = "Introduction";
$string['marks'] = "Marks";
+$string['multichoice'] = "Multiple Choice";
$string['savemyanswers'] = "Save my answers";
+$string['shortanswer'] = "Short Answer";
$string['showfeedback'] = "After answering, show feedback?";
$string['showcorrectanswer'] = "After answering, show correct answers?";
$string['true'] = "True";
+$string['truefalse'] = "True/False";
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