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Optional use of HTML editor.

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  1 +<p align="center"><b>Use of the HTML Editor</b></p>
  2 +
  3 +<p>When editing pages this option enables the use the HTML editor (called the
  4 + editor from this point) instead of simple textarea boxes. The editor
  5 + allows the simple formatting of text and the easy addition of
  6 + &quot;advanced&quot; features such as links.</p>
  7 +
  8 +<p>The editor is switched on by clicking on the box next to <b>Use Editor</b>.
  9 + The editor is associated with the items on an individual basis. For
  10 + example, switching the editor on for, say, the <b>Response 1</b> item just
  11 + sets the editor on for that item, it does <i>not</i> set it on for all the
  12 + Response boxes.</p>
  13 +
  14 +<p>If the editor is required for some of the items of a page, first click on
  15 + the <b>Use Editor</b> boxes (They should then contain ticks.) The page is
  16 + then re-displayed to activate the use of the editor. This is done by
  17 + clicking on the <b>Redisplay Page</b> button at the foot of the page.</p>
  18 +
  19 +<p>Note that care should be taken when using the editor. In most cases it
  20 + should not cause any problems. However, it is <i>not</i> recommended for
  21 + <b>Answers of Short Answer and Numeric type questions</b>. The editor can
  22 + add extra &quot;invisible&quot; HTML tags which <b>stop</b> comparisons
  23 + working as expected. Further, the <b>Descriptions</b> in Branch Tables are
  24 + used in Buttons and again if they contain any HTML tags this can cause
  25 + problems. There are no problems with Answers which are used only for
  26 + display, such as those in Multichoice type questions. Again use of the
  27 + editor for Response items should not cause any problems.</p>
  28 +
  29 +<p>If a problem is suspected with any of the text items it is quite safe to
  30 + switch the editor off (by removing the tick in the <b>Use editor</b> box).
  31 + When the page is redisplayed, the &quot;raw&quot; text can then be seen in
  32 + the textarea box. The text can be edited as required. In fact, switching
  33 + the editor on and off repeatedly for a particular item should <i>not</i>
  34 + change the text.</p>
  35 +
  36 +<p>The &quot;state&quot; of the <b>Use editor</b> option is saved with each
  37 + item. Thus if a page is re-edited the items which were using the editor
  38 + will again appear within the editor.</p>
  39 +
  40 +<p>Finally, the editor is quite &quot;expensive&quot; in terms of resources
  41 + within the browser. If items do not require the use of the editor it is
  42 + quicker and less prone to resource problems to just use the standard
  43 + textarea boxes.</p>
  44 +

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