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@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@
<H2>Release notes</H2>
-<H3> New in Moodle 1.0.8 (due 1st January, 2003): </H3>
+<H3> New in Moodle 1.0.8 (due for release soon) </H3>
<DT> Databases</DT>
<DD> Moodle now has complete native support support for <B>PostgreSQL 7</B> databases (thanks
@@ -37,7 +37,12 @@
<DT> Resources</DT>
<DD> A new type of resource has been added, called "Program", which allows
Moodle to cooperate with external web applications by passing information
- about the current user and session to them.</DD>
+ about the current user and session to them.
+ Uploaded HTML files can now be edited using the WYSIWYG HTML editor. </DD>
+<DT> Choices</DT>
+<DD> Results can now be "published" (either with names or anonymously) so that
+ everyone can see the statistics. Choice text can be edited using HTML editor.</DD>
<DT> Layout</DT>
<DD> A number of small improvements have been in the layout (such as the forum posting
@@ -45,17 +50,41 @@
now have specific help items alongside them (depending on the pedagogical
focus). The forums now have a quick search form available on every page.</DD>
+<DT> Grades</DT>
+<DD> Students can now see all their grades for a course on one page, accessible
+ from the course home page.</DD>
+<DT> Authorisation </DT>
+<DD> The database module now supports databases that contain md5-encrypted passwords,
+ which means it should now be compatible with systems like PostNuke. When using
+ external authorisation students are now forced to fully fill-out their information
+ before they can enter any course.</DD>
+<DT> Administration </DT>
+<DD> The admin can now assign other people to also be admins.</DD>
+<DT> Debugging mode </DT>
+<DD> Admins/developers can use a "debugging mode" which prints more information
+ and warning messages about unset variables and so on - making it easier to
+ find bugs. To make this work a LOT of cleaning up has been done on existing
+ Moodle code to make it more robust.</DD>
<DT> Other things</DT>
-<DD> <UL>
- <LI> The admin can now assign other people to also be admins.
<LI> Unpacked template module is ignored by Moodle.
+ <LI> A default country can be set by the admin
<LI> View source button in Richtext editor was missing with some languages
+ <LI> A bug affecting grades page on some installations was fixed.
+ <LI> Some minor problems with the display of logs has been fixed.
+ <LI> Improved GD detection that works with PHP 4.3.0
+ <LI> A bug causing the wrong display of the date has been fixed.
+ <LI> Usernames can now contain "." and "-" characters.
+ <LI> Cookies now use table prefixes for unique naming, so that many
+ different moodle sites can be run on the same web site and database.
<LI> Some small performance improvements here and there
- </UL>
+ <LI> Many little code clean-ups.
-<DT> More to come ....</DT>
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