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improved readability of "foreign key could not be updated" error message

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commit ff4fad27017e01d30174b436b38f286aba69c55f 1 parent 85e0be2
gbateson authored
Showing with 4 additions and 5 deletions.
  1. +4 −5 mod/hotpot/restorelib.php
9 mod/hotpot/restorelib.php
@@ -291,14 +291,13 @@ function hotpot_restore_record(&$restore, $status, &$xml, $table, $foreign_keys,
$new_ids[] = $key_record->new_id;
} else {
// foreign key could not be updated
- // print "<ul><li><b>Warning:</b> Foreign key could not be updated: table=$table, $key=".$record->$key."</li></ul>";
- print "<ul><li><b>Warning:</b><br>";
- print "'$key_table' record (id='$old_id') is missing from backup data.<br>";
+ print "<ul><li><b>Warning:</b><br>Foreign key could not be updated:<br>";
+ print "'$key_table' record (old id=$old_id) is missing from backup data<br>";
print "'$table' record ";
if (isset($record->id)) {
- print "(old id='$record->id') ";
+ print "(old id=$record->id) ";
- print "could not be restored</li></ul>";
+ print "was not restored</li></ul>";
$ok = false;
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