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Commits on Feb 25, 2015
  1. Dan Poltawski

    weekly release 2.9dev

    danpoltawski authored
  2. Dan Poltawski
  3. Simey Lameze Dan Poltawski
  4. Andrew Nicols David Monllaó
  5. Andrew Nicols
  6. Andrew Nicols
  7. Damyon Wiese

    MDL-49046 output: Make moodle_url->set_slashargument more robust

    damyon authored
    It was throwing debugging when used on the install page (before config is generated).
  8. David Monllaó
  9. David Monllaó
  10. David Monllaó
  11. Andrew Nicols

    Merge branch 'MDL-48716-master' of git://

    andrewnicols authored
  12. Andrew Nicols

    MDL-49008 lang: Revert unnecessary rename warning

    andrewnicols authored
    This was failing unit tests because it does not check for the presence of
    the source directory first. If there is no source directory, it cannot be
Commits on Feb 24, 2015
  1. Dan Poltawski
  2. Dan Poltawski
  3. Tony Butler
  4. Dan Poltawski
  5. Dan Poltawski
  6. Dan Poltawski
  7. Dan Poltawski
  8. Helen Foster David Mudrák
  9. Andrew Nicols
  10. Andrew Nicols
  11. Andrew Nicols
  12. Dan Poltawski
  13. shashi

    MDL-49078 theme_bootstrapbase: 'Create new course' text too high

    shashirepo authored
    Thanks to  Gareth J Barnard  for the code suggestion
  14. Juan Leyva
  15. Dan Poltawski
  16. Andrew Nicols
  17. David Monllaó
  18. Andrew Davis
  19. Andrew Nicols
  20. Andrew Nicols
  21. Andrew Nicols
  22. Andrew Nicols
  23. Andrew Nicols
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