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Commits on May 1, 2015
  1. @dmonllao

    on-demand release 2.9beta+

    dmonllao authored
  2. @dmonllao
  3. @dmonllao
  4. @dmonllao
  5. @andrewnicols
Commits on Apr 30, 2015
  1. @danpoltawski
  2. @stronk7

    MDL-49998 editpdf: Clean code to make it more readable.

    stronk7 authored
    There was a big proliferation and reuse of $pdf variable
    that was making the code hard to read/review. This commit
    does change nothing but makes it more readable.
    Also adds a couple of Close() calls, not strictly needed
    because they don't have opened files. But think it makes
    really clearer the scope of every variable. And, for sure
    it frees some resources. That cannot be bad.
  3. @andrewnicols
  4. @andrewnicols
  5. @andrewnicols
  6. @dmonllao
  7. @dmonllao

    MDL-49637 mod_assign: Fixing behat test

    dmonllao authored
    The participant number is dynamically generated so it is not possible to
    match known values.
    Match on the submission text instead.
  8. MDL-49281 grades: Calculation settings upgraded

    Martin Mastny authored
  9. @FMCorz
  10. @andrewnicols
  11. @andrewnicols
  12. @andrewnicols @markn86
  13. @markn86
Commits on Apr 29, 2015
  1. @markn86

    MDL-49932 core_install: removed upgrade step changing 'defaulthomepage'

    markn86 authored
    The upgrade step was changing any site that had the setting
    'defaulthomepage' set to HOMEPAGE_SITE to HOMEPAGE_MY. We can
    not make the assumption that users want this setting changed.
  2. @mudrd8mz
  3. @wildgirl @mudrd8mz
  4. @FMCorz
  5. @danpoltawski
  6. @FMCorz
  7. @abgreeve @danpoltawski
  8. @NeillM

    MDL-49583 enrol: enrol/index.php page doesn't handle direct access well

    NeillM authored
    Before this patch if a user who is not logged in to Moodle accesses the
    enrol/index.php page directly they were redirected to the Moodle front
    page after login, rather than back to a page that would allow them to
    self enrol, if it is enabled on the course.
    This change will cause a user who directly accesses the page to be
    redirected back to it after they have logged in, unless the course has guest
    access enabled.
    Thanks to Marina Glancy for suggesting the use of get_referer()
  9. @andrewnicols
  10. @dmonllao
  11. @ankitagarwal
  12. @andrewnicols
  13. @dmonllao
Commits on Apr 28, 2015
  1. @stronk7

    MDL-49998 unit tests: Close the pdf objects when needed.

    stronk7 authored
    When a pdf object is instantiated and any file is loaded
    with set_pdf() or load_pdf(), the files remain open until
    the pdf is saved with pdf_save() or outputted with Output()..
    In that cases is needed to perform an explicit Close() in
    order to free resources, parsers and, ultimately, fclose()
    the files.
    Note that only the uses detected in the editpdf unit tests have
    been fixed. I'd recommend to analyse every instance of the tcpdf
    Also, there was one incorrecly reused pdf instance in then
    generate_combined_pdf_for_attempt() method. Apparently it was not
    leading to problems, but better use a separate instance (#246).
  2. @stronk7

    MDL-49998 unit tests: files left open are our fault.

    stronk7 authored
    Get rid of the gc_collect_cycles() that only was
    hiding incorrectly left open files. This must be fixed
    in code when possible. And pdf libs allow us to do so.
    Note that a lot of gc_collect_cycles() were added
    in MDL-47675, I'd recommend to take a look to all them,
    being replaced by fixes in code when possible.
  3. @danpoltawski
  4. @timhunt

    MDL-50026 quiz: don't show locks for random Qs in deferred feedback

    timhunt authored
    can_finish_during_the_attempt was returning the wrong result for
    random questions for behaviours like deferred feedback.
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