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Mdl 25723 #13

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epsd Petr Škoda

MDL-25723 This is a theme fix for 'all courses' listing which was broken in IE7.

Petr Škoda

Please file the PULL request through this tracker instead, we are not processing the requests on jira at all. I am going to disable the issues and hopefully requests too there.


Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) stronk7 referenced this pull request from a commit in stronk7/moodle October 09, 2011
Petr Škoda rewritten html import
hopefully there are not many bugs, closes #13
Petr Škoda skodak referenced this pull request from a commit May 15, 2012
Commit has since been removed from the repository and is no longer available.
Ray Morris MorrisR2 referenced this pull request from a commit in MorrisR2/moodle October 09, 2011
Petr Škoda rewritten html import
hopefully there are not many bugs, closes #13
Jean-Michel Vedrine jmvedrine referenced this pull request from a commit August 18, 2013
Commit has since been removed from the repository and is no longer available.
Nitzan Bar nitzo referenced this pull request from a commit September 05, 2013
Commit has since been removed from the repository and is no longer available.
Claude Billon cbillon referenced this pull request from a commit in cbillon/moodle February 20, 2014
Claude Billon Squashed 'theme/essential/' changes from a8406ad..201f531
201f531 Fix for indenting of categories
2838a75 Fixing custom icons on manage courses screen
c7cae78 minor change to z-index of custom menu
007b7ff adding ability to set custom category icons
12b83c7 adding new stylesheet
e9c6081 New color styling for gradebook
cfe026f reoving outdated grader styling
ec794e6 Adding issing lang strings
43d9be8 Merge pull request #92 from gjb2048/master
029703d Optimise image delivery.
dfefcd9 Merge branch 'ESSENTIAL_262'
dcedd30 Fixing typo
ee1c624 Updating readme
a0fc2a6 Fix for 3rd level cutom menu dropdowns
81fc903 Fix for HTTPS setups
8b1642c Merge pull request #89 from felixod/patch-26
3d64ad0 Updating versoin number
bb04f22 Update theme_essential.php
942f02f Merge branch 'master' into ESSENTIAL_261
5e583c4 removing hiddendock when not used
ea35c75 more replacement icons
04f7036 minor icon formatting fixes
c494f60 updating iron renameing for FontAwesome 4.0.3
5085ce0 Update readme
3c5c5ce Merge branch 'master' into ESSENTIAL_261
f61c2d1 Fixing color of button text
754b111 Removing "autohide" feature as no longer needed in 2.6
abe17b3 Merge branch 'ESSENTIAL_261'
9a24d5d bumping version number
586443c Updates to readme
43578fe remove "my dashboard" and "my courses" for guests
a729c6a fix for navbar in ie9
824539c fixing allignment of stacked icons in the social bar
db852d9 Add missing </a> tag to icon inks
a801beb minor css fix for table
3830211 gradebook now uses 1column layout to maximise space
a1e29b3 use standard grader css
a41d668 Remove dulication
ecdfe1b Fix for navbar dropdown on iphones (via fabricioflores)
e6491d5 Merge pull request #86 from felixod/patch-24
1a60f1f Merge pull request #87 from felixod/patch-25
9738947 fontselect translate
eeee202 Update theme_essential.php
b061f9d Moving frontpage content back to the correct location
a77ede6 Applying new color options to slides
1b6eb19 Updated readme
064047c updating version number
cf5f218 New settings to change slideshow text colors
0d0a1fe Updating version number and minimum requirements
2404dca removing third design as not needed yet
13e47ce Removing line left for testing
239948f fix call for browser check
f57b229 Updating version number
d77fcd2 Merge pull request #85 from gjb2048/master
51936ef Fix Moodle 2.6 upgrade as per
9efb2fe Correction.
74cdcd7 Fixes and corrections for Font Awesome 4.0.
c4a11ee Fixes after bad merge
241d668 Merge branch 'ESSENTIAL_26'
049ae0c change popup layout to not show headers
ff0fc28 Fixing Week topic padding
c230373 Chang default regions in 3column layouts
e8525c7 minor css correction
a38caa7 Detects if tagline is needed in header
3313b4a updating how font awesome is pulled into css.
b655dc4 minor fixes to font awesome stylesheet
42a8b23 minor spacing issue
0c4e334 Updatg version number
1b716ed Updating Font Awesome CSS
6b79d1c Changes to CSS for W3C compliance
4bff79f Fixing dynamic FontAwesome path
2c8d455 fixing various CSS bugs.
a6948f9 Fixing font path
864226f ensuring new Fontawesome icons are not itlalisized
45beff3 Fixing Typo
eb3bc9a Updating css for font awesome 4.0
51c8046 minor css margin fix
7d26111 fixing visited color of social icons
563b584 Fixing calendar formatting
8ba399b Updating CDN call for font awesome 4.0
5cb6407 Adding new icons used in 2.6 using font awesome
7a1bf8f fixing issing region in layout
784cc09 updating icon references font awesome 4.0
faf7ddb Bumping version number
aed4d4a updating icon references font awesome 4.0
ed4a8e3 updating icon references font awesome 4.0
948d3df updating icon references font awesome 4.0
b722ed4 updating to font awesome 4.0
6306f52 Fixing missing region
5e427b4 updating to font awesome 4.0
9462e1b updating to font awesome 4.0
7df4af6 Update version number
5026cfc Add new style sheets to config
4978c99 Merge pull request #80 from DBezemer/master
11673fb Merge pull request #82 from aolley/master
534fd77 Remove spaces from object attribute access
68d22da Update for new Google Analytics
09ae506 Cleaned up formattig
9b19370 Split out moodle settings from standard css
b3d7d7b Load custm CSS last
17454a3 Merge pull request #77 from felixod/patch-23
4af2ffc Update theme_essential.php
1a28c50 Updating readme with work doen to date
45da568 Updating version number
5a64a2a New setting to allow for frontpage block allignment
3f7c820 usig new font setting available in 2.6
50eebf7 Adding new lang strings
b484008 remove un-needed fontwww
7ad255e Hide "my courses" and dashboard from guest users
63f8ecd Migrate to standard Moodle layout files
0baaa36 Update readme
6bc6d91 Migrate to standard Moodle layout files
af769ba 10 more font combinations added
dc8b9b9 Merge branch 'ESSENTIAL_26'
8572610 Updating layouts to allyout dynamic font dispay
808a5b7 New Font Selector Setting
db54c1e Updating readme
2c4cc55 Updating Version Number
b425a43 New Slideshow and Marketing Spot settings
6947289 Clean up of layouts folder
fd70570 Remove loading of dock.js
cf4f6bb Load additional Jquery Bootstrap modules for increased functionality
0770855 Remove bootstrap_min as this was loading twice
650e757 removing min.js versions until more testing completed
7330534 remove side_post from admin layout
a9679d1 re-adding side-post back to admin
45d2725 Updating Version number
9a3a309 loading bootstrap styling JS
5bbc3f3 Loading new minimised js
32a37cf Remove $contentclass
7d2d4d2 Merge pull request #69 from martygilbert/CONTRIB-4597
c5432f4 Bump version number
66c0f47 Merge pull request #68 from gjb2048/master
d7acefa Fixes an additional bug I found on CONTRIB-4597
3b45544 Fixes and additional bug I found on CONTRIB-4597
3abadc9 Fix D&D, RTL 'side-pre' / 'side-post' block rendering sides, layout usage with RTL / LTR and 'report' layout with having 'side-pre' converted to 'side-post' in RTL on settings page when no 'side-post' issues.
84f5013 Disable dock until fully working
fd04500 updating version number
dbd3f9d remove dodgy "if" statement
e3c52b7 fix layout reference
73c5945 Fix layout drag and drop functionality
e86f382 Put back navbar
224536f Cleanup layout formatting and fix RTL
1f0a422 minor CSS fix
757cd2c Merge pull request #67 from martygilbert/CONTRIB-4601
6e291bb Merge pull request #66 from felixod/patch-22
0312df5 Fixes CONTRIB-4601
1fed197 Translate iOS Icons block
48b5012 Updating Reamde
65ef1c0 Add iOS Homescreen icons
501d21e Merge pull request #65 from martygilbert/CONTRIB-4597
b0d3875 Fixes CONTRIB-4597
f9b4d06 Bumping version number
5c24f7f Updating readme with new info
33510d8 Toggle to allow loading of fontawesome from CDN source
7488587 Cleaner back to top styling
c683dae Clean up dock styling
dc64028 Merge pull request #64 from felixod/patch-21
65f30d9 Little fix
d535abe Merge pull request #63 from felixod/patch-20
451236a Fix & update russian lang file
463c29e remove leftover line
947a030 Change defalut toggles for advanced features to off
b22118b Removing redundant lang string references
190bd61 Add "Back to top" button for course pages
d15d817 removing strings no longer needed in theme
f420ea5 Pull core lang strings instead of from theme
c6214d3 Cleanup CSS groups
290fcbc Show firstname when logged in
f65853f Add new siplified layout for login
abc2609 change defaut region to post
4bfdce4 Large optimisation of codebase.
209151f Cleanup of Dock.css
1a2346c Significant cleanup and simplication of layout files
8888eca Adding attribution to Bas Brands
b987f39 Merge pull request #62 from felixod/patch-19
070f94e Merge pull request #60 from felixod/patch-17
6a08089 Merge pull request #61 from felixod/patch-18
a9bbc79 Merge pull request #59 from felixod/patch-16
b856523 Merge pull request #58 from felixod/patch-15
40c7677 Implementing https fix reported in CONTRIB-4588
ac12823 fix branchtitle in mycoursetitle
831fdd9 Translate marketinginfodesc
fb6d5eb Enabe -> Enable
5a9812c Translate Frontpage Content & Alerts
edf1be6 Translate CustomMenu & My Dashboard custommenu dropdown
0b4035a First commit of new dock
5a3b694 Removing code for an idea that didnt work
c51cdc8 Updating readme with credit for Shaun
8ec84c7 Adding missing string from subheadings
27580e4 Update readme
9255596 Term change
4cb2b95 updating frontpage alerts
6533502 Add custom alerts as setting for frontpage
5504314 Major cleanup of lang file. Alot less tags now
b0ace01 Adding new "My Dashboard" to custommenu
d4686f8 Removing CDN as not yet implememted
9871510 Added Flickr settings back after removal
452940f Bump version number
f944e34 Implemented my courses dropdown in custommenu
65332f4 more gradebook fixes
44c5c43 Fixes to gradebook formatting
4e6d662 Updated readme re conflict update
bf9d7ab fix reported require_once() conflict with plugins
6c1d1ec Updates for Spanish translation
fd40026 Minor fixes for bad bootstrap calls.
36aea92 Fix for frontpage slideshow
f3413aa fix footer UL formatting
40bcea2 Removing old code
abbdea2 toggle block display on gradebook
f0b4943 Merge branch 'MOODLE_254'
8cb2bac Updates to German translation
ac9fd63 Merge branch 'MOODLE_254'
73f5561 Updating translation
c30ba25 Merge pull request #52 from felixod/patch-13
29bd98c Merge pull request #53 from felixod/patch-14
c281f46 Updating readme with Moodle version requirement
b4c1641 Bumping version Number
6f284d2 Updating Readme
f88213e New Frontpage content area
707e27f Add translate Google Analytics block
ebc3a74 fo -> for
4236eb4 Enable analytics on all layouts
0d60bb8 Implementing Google Analytics
702de9e Impleenting cursor fix CONTRIB-4538
33ff00a Fix missing icons CONTRIB-4539
989edd0 Fixing Grade category colors
ee109e1 fixing grade category colors
c9cf4a1 removing bad formatting for #page
b9c71a9 Color changes to Gradeboo cat levels
14f31a8 Significant formatting changes to Tabs and gradebook
e9d60ae Add ability to work with Google Analytics
d5ba3e9 have theme renderer extend from theme_bootstrapbase_core_renderer
126f379 Updating Moodle minimum requirements
f98122b Merge pull request #48 from felixod/patch-11
547171f Merge pull request #50 from felixod/patch-12
ee07510 bootstrapcdn and bootstrapcdndesc translate
df57962 Fix for CONTRIB-4524
6eacac7 Impementing Lang Menu fix - CONTRIB-4501
01ef915 Update theme_essential.php
f2a3a89 Fix issue with displaying glossary icons
ac910fb Merge pull request #47 from gjb2048/master
f811802 English Pirate file.
0137380 Must use themewww in CSS url as not sending the contents with 'file_get_contents()' etc.  Therefore other computers will not be able to access local file resource.
2f107e0 Merge branch 'master' of git://
82aec7d Starting work on setting to pull FontAwesome from CDN
5ceb7d6 Add check for overriding themedir setting
6506d31 Merge branch 'MOODLE_253'
1e1136e more css fixes to Nav block foratting
0f69027 Fix to Home icon in Navigation block
fee2137 Language improvements
73e6796 Optimise theme_essential_pluginfile to be efficient.
9bdac15 current_theme() is depreciated and $PAGE->theme->name is unreliable.
8e26dde Merge pull request #41 from felixod/patch-10
d917492 autohide+editicons translate
b5e877b Merge branch 'master' into MOODLE_253
12f4146 Updating readme and bumping version number
be6d57e New setting for modified Edit icons in courses and blocks
b5ac442 Fix for question bank width while editing a quiz
64e8319 bump version number
393b138 Fix for outline of Current topic
79ad16e Merge branch 'master' into MOODLE_253
b44f86b Fix Facebook logo hover color
46cb970 Merge pull request #40 from felixod/patch-9
00e921c Merge pull request #39 from felixod/patch-8
8a382ae Update theme_essential.php
817ee9f GooglePay -> Google Play
6a3141d Merge branch 'master' into MOODLE_253
11455d0 Cleaning up login block formatiing
bcfd062 renamed lang pack directory
daedbf6 Merge branch 'MOODLE_253'
c2863e3 Adding support for more social networks as well as Mobile App stores
95269a4 Merge branch 'master' into MOODLE_253
164bfee Bump version number
7dc897a Updated features list in readme
b11698e Fixed custommenu color in IE8 and IE9
7d08335 re-ordering js
e5916c1 Standardise styling of VK social network
5f04fda Adding Turkish Translation provided by Mesut Güngör
efac5cb Merge pull request #34 from felixod/patch-5
8f09266 Merge pull request #35 from felixod/patch-4
4935595 Merge pull request #36 from felixod/patch-6
c820a47 Merge pull request #37 from felixod/patch-7
65817eb Minor format changes to frontpage course listings
a485b3d New icons for frontpage sections
cffc31e Add attribution info to CSS files
7258e0c Social icons now show brand color when hovered over
1d3e7ee Minor CSS fixes
ecf1dc6 Add Russian populare social network
714641b Add Russian populare social network
e7329fc Add Russian populare social network
c02063e Add Russian populare social network
be14897 Updating Readme with new language options
dc5066d Merge pull request #33 from felixod/patch-3
81e5604 Create theme_essential.php
cad3a53 Fix for bad foratting of quiz question bank
653d84e Minor css fix to Marketing box image formatting
e503bcc Adding new German Translation
1f8f168 Update
2b7e427 Merge branch 'master' into MOODLE_253
170d4aa Update readme
6a91517 Can now set optional images for each Marketing Spot
8766be9 New settings fr Performance Info mode
0b69451 Increasing Version Number
2d1433a Updating readme with new version features
7976d46 Even more colors to now set through config
604ad0f New color selection options
90840bf New lang strings for color settings
2bc311c Cleanup of pix directory
d0f6fa0 Added nojs.css file and load if needed
c321d5a Renamed JS files to meet Moodle guidelines
87e7a6c Merge pull request #29 from jgcracknell/patch-1
c345498 Update theme_essential.php
73abe66 Chages to performance info formattig
1094647 Remove side=post from frontpage as not needed
b677ee3 Removing old iMoot code
c437410 Changed icon of Perfomrnce info
fc051c1 Fixing "Undefined variable: regionbsid" as reported
e390684 Bumping version number
923d0f7 Fixing "Undefined variable: regionbsid" as reported
2b7ee35 Updating Performance Info Styling
c4e3273 Format the Debug Info
3c57637 Remove block heading underline when minimised
12acfb3 Replacing hardcoded text with lang string
639afc5 Merge pull request #25 from felixod/patch-2
6bc464a Change color of sub-menu items in custommenu to match theme settings
b4945e4 Removing to fix bug with rendering arrows in buttons
3ec6d99 Update theme_essential.php
a4fec48 Fix drag and drop blocks on frontpage
3d68fa6 New icon for admin bookmraks block
94aeb9f Add new icon for outcomes
ecf909a Replaced cavet icons with folder icons in Admin block
9628545 Updated readme with new features
4902daf Merge branch 'MOODLE_25'
28c1dfc Merge pull request #20 from felixod/MOODLE_25
01d888d New Report layout
73c42d7 New 2 column layout for reports and admin screens
b3beede Fixing layout of tabs
61816e7 Fixes to allow drag and drop in edit mode
011b1d6 fixes to formatting of new admin icon items
6f6fe55 Fix issues with standard layout
f268e08 remove testing text string
9a2c0e2 More minor fixes
3519878 Removing added syntax after GIT Merge
89323e4 Removing added syntax after GIT Merge
30302e5 Merge Branch MOODLE_25
f1b5fad Merge branch 'MOODLE_25'
8c890f6 Updated renderer to replace the Admin block icons
1631c47 Updated renderer to generate fontawesome icons for Admin menu
ff3a3b8 Have general layout pick up new layout theme setting
b36e465 fixed bad span definition
7c2b8bf add ability to have blocks to right of frontpage content
1dccf16 Fixing missing font awesome introduced on 2.5.2
0e7d780 Bump version number
e2213d0 Fixed issue with missing font awesome introduced in 2.5.2
73364f7 Fixed missing Space
007773f Update theme_essential.php
2732b74 Update settings.php
3bf46f8 Updating Read me
48b7e58 New setting to change the default navbar seperator
fcd5eed Update
44841b5 New setting to allow admin to revert to standard course layout
5207a25 Loads the standard layout with block columns on each side
4a61a09 Loads the essential layout with block columns on the right side
d9b2ebd "Fat fingers" Typo fixes
d6562bb Updating readme for 2.5.2
27c94ed New CSS for profile image in header
ff5e1ce removing font awesome from layout as now added through lib.php and cached
29e2dc9 New language strings for profile in header
cb09387 Various fixes and new settings
6d07ae2 Show profile picture in Header
792f971 Update version number
d0695f0 Cleaned up new default user profile pix and matched to theme's grey
a5fc77c Update readme with links
d09a0ca Update .gitignore
32e35c0 Merge pull request #13 from gjb2048/MOODLE_25
a808945 Fix 'add activity...' not working as reported on
933bcd9 Added base layout definition
d8b4566 Fixes to styling of RSS block
54fa6e5 Updating Version number and promoting to Stable release
940a30a Add "Read more" to the language pack
acb96fc Adding new Spanish Lang Pack
814170f Add social networks as a lang string
72afa1e Fix minor formating bug to do with page dive as reported in forums.
dec1dfb Merge pull request #11 from mgsolipa/master
a9bdc6f Adding spanish translation
548100d Adding translation support to 'Social Networks' string
62a3012 Put footernote back into footer and apply style
e520e2f removed redundant code = if ($ADMIN->fulltree) {
bcc3015 Added custom css options to General theme settings
7681994 Updated readme
5ed0821 Adding maturity and version info
9524293 replace heading with shortname
0f385ea fix slider z-index to put under custommenu
3e2158b Fix bug with sitename not appearing correctly
dddd6c9 Major Footer cleanup
08cd2b7 Updating screenshots
838e455 Removing images not neeed in theme
0ca13d0 Add feature to display name and icon if user has no logo to upload
f61e336 Updating of layout files
707ed2f removing old superfulous code
e1388a3 Changed theme settings to allow for multiple pages
5a4f251 Changed default region for frontpage
54ebd1e Added setting to hide slideshow on mobiles
cba09bd fixing sider timing
c4eea11 Added new lang string for IE7 users
850692c fixing spacing of footer blocks
1b71d78 Adding reset cache callback
46d168a removing redundant css
6a6cf5f Making block regions dragable
2b1c413 Fixing missing lang string
6c11f12 Minor bug fixes
2b32b8a setting up renderes for later use
ea6f287 Upoading default logo
b058793 Updated version Number
751fbee Removing Custom CSS option
28892db Updates to all layouts to bug fix and bring in line with 2.5+
a9785f4 Add new social media settings
1f744c5 Remove embedded soulpap font as no longer used
ef307ae Update to FontAwesome version 3.2.1
c59723b minor changes
0c4590c version bump
f3da7f8 minor formattng changes to have slider better suit theme
95dcd00 format change
67f09c0 Tidying up
519ea0e Updatin to current version of modernizr script
c4e59ad Renaming file
e477e1d removing bad code
9057a93 Merge pull request #5 from vaughany/master
a3f0d72 One more scanned by the Code Checker.
15825b9 Merge pull request #4 from vaughany/codechecker
4ab90b5 Changes to the code after scanning with the Code Checker local plugin.
5bf4153 Fixed bad setting
4c2e0d4 Major cleanup of CSS
854906c removing now redundtant code from Lib
1f0b59a Removing slides images now that we can add them in theme settings
8ff365c Minor version bump
2cacef4 Implemented Gareths full fix for admin_setting_configstoredfile
7356bdc Tryng to get slides working with admin_setting_configstoredfile
8aa9d2c Moved formating jQuery to its own plugin
c69a5d4 Moved formating jQuery to its own plugin
a127d55 Ading firstword css changer to jquery plugin
cf0cff2 Fixed Typo's on frontpage after dody "find'n'replace"
c0a3e7c Merge pull request #2 from vaughany/master
79c6f4e Added Black button
8f4d153 Adding black buttons
0088a34 minor style corrections
a7d0424 Removing underline from social media icon links
79d1871 Updating version number
8afcc11 Social media variable consolidation and logic; footer tidy.
f1bbbe0 Minor CSS Updates
3b170e2 Removing underline from social media icon links.
e647e3e Adding Course Title to course pages
32640e1 Correctly pull the copyright info into the footer.
87cd59d moving $javascript references into plugin.php
2d913dd Utilising the Jquery built into Moodle
1d7d46f Updated Readme Title
0ac43c9 Removing badly formatted old readme
e20e933 Create
c912d21 Adding readme
d09f6b3 Initial Commit
588419a Setting OSX files to ignore
REVERT: a8406ad initial commit

git-subtree-dir: theme/essential
git-subtree-split: 201f53147d94d2dd75dc90d05a45c81051dffc4b
This issue was closed.
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Jan 14, 2011
epsd MDL-25723 fix for all course listing in IE defbd5b
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  1. 4  theme/base/style/course.css
4  theme/base/style/course.css
@@ -116,6 +116,10 @@
116 116
117 117
 .path-course .clearfloat {float:none; clear:both;height:0px;}
118 118
+/*all courses view*/
+#page-course-index .categorylist .course.clearfloat { height: auto; }
119 123
120 124
 * Overide for RTL layout
121 125

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