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Moodle is an Open Source Course Management System (CMS), also known as a Learning Management System (LMS) or a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). This repository is a direct mirror of the official moodle.git repository at Please do NOT file PULL requests here, instead please use
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Final 1.3.5 release

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admin Fixes from Deen Foxx BUg 1638
auth section links now preserve focused view, see…
backup Added blocklib.php. Now it seems to work.
blocks Fixed bug 1531, section links to invisible sections now greyed out or…
calendar Fix for bug 1070 where HTML editor body was not always being shown.
course Forbid restricted users from changing enrolments
doc section links now preserve focused view, see…
error Short tags
files section links now preserve focused view, see…
filter Fixed problem with mediaplugins filter being too greedy when there
lang Merge from HEAD
lib added constant SITEID=1
login section links now preserve focused view, see…
mod Removed a typo
pix section links now preserve focused view, see…
rss Solved bug 1491 in all the "linking" filters.
theme Added $bodytags variable in themes
user Allow students to always see editing teachers in their course
userpix Some clean up and documentation for userpix, as well as a default res…
CHANGES Going through it now to make the release page
README.txt Made this a bit clearer
config-dist.php section links now preserve focused view, see…
file.php Use forcelogin on site files if it's defined bug 1486
help.php Fixed XSS bug #1637
index.php section links now preserve focused view, see…
tags section links now preserve focused view, see…
version.php Final 1.3.5 release


README     $Id$

If you are installing the first time, then you 
should read the installation guide which is 
part of the Moodle documentation (along with 
information about upgrading etc):

There is a copy of all this documentation as part of 
this Moodle distribution.  You can access your local
copy of the installation guide here:


Once Moodle is installed on your machine, then 
you can also access a local copy of all this 
documentation (localised to your language) at:

For the impatient, here is a basic outline of the 
installation process, which normally takes me only 
a few minutes:

1) Move the Moodle files into your web directory. 

2) Create an empty directory somewhere to store 
   uploaded files (NOT accessible via the web).
   This directory must be writeable by the web server

3) Create a single database for Moodle to store all
   it's tables in (or choose an existing database).

4) Copy the file config-dist.php to config.php, and 
   edit it with all your own settings.

5) Visit your new home page with a web browser.  Moodle
   will lead you through the rest of the setup, 
   creating an admin account and so on.

6) Set up a cron task to call the file admin/cron.php
   every five minutes or so.

Martin Dougiamas

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