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cc MDL-47569 backup: Escape section summary for XML
controller MDL-44141 Completion: System updates data during restore
util MDL-49799 behat: replaced with
backup.class.php MDL-50184 backup: Bump release to 3.0
backup.php MDL-41754 (1) Progress tracking : moved from backup and restore to core
backupfilesedit.php MDL-35991 - use PARAM_LOCALURL for local urls
backupfilesedit_form.php MDL-40816 backup: code cleanup on the manage backups form
import.php Merge branch 'MDL-41644' of git://
log.php MDL-34469 - lib - replacement of the deprecated get_context_instance …
restore.php MDL-35638 backup: Do not print headers during redirects
restorefile.php MDL-43526 course: links to restore from management and admin structure.
restorefile_form.php MDL-38735 backup: add missing setType() to forms
upgrade.txt MDL-40618 backup: centralize info field, use info in queries.
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