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This is a clone of the Totara source code (which is based on Moodle) as of November 29th 2013. It's not being updated because our access to the original repository was terminated shortly after distributing this clone.
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Branch: t2-release-2.5

T-7189 version.php: Tagging version 2.5.2

Change-Id: I194b9a8ed99838156db2a3cb19aada6fb9572dd6
Reviewed-by: Simon Coggins <>
Reviewed-by: David Curry <>
Tested-by: Jenkins Automation <>
latest commit 4c0a94b22a
@ybozhko ybozhko authored simoncoggins committed
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admin T-11537 totarasync: Added an option to enable/disable Totara sync fie…
auth Merge tag 'v2.5.3' into t2-release-2.5
backup Merge tag 'v2.5.3' into t2-release-2.5
badges Merge tag 'v2.5.3' into t2-release-2.5
blocks T-11594 blocks: Fix hidden courses display in course overview block
blog MDL-26170 RSS: fixed RSS cache clearing when items are deleted
build T-7189 version.php: Tagging version 2.5.1
cache MDL-41997 cache: dummy store now uses static acceleration for session…
calendar Merge tag 'v2.5.3' into t2-release-2.5
cohort T-11564 audiences: Fix format hint string next to datepickers
comment Merge tag 'v2.5.2' into t2-integration
completion Merge tag 'v2.5.3' into t2-release-2.5
course T-11636 catalog: undefined constant on course view when Audience visi…
elementlibrary T-11519 theme: Make readonly and disabled fields look similarly disabled
enrol Merge tag 'v2.5.3' into t2-release-2.5
error MDL-41418 Administration: Page context should be set before setting p…
files MDL-41189 fixed overflow issue with filepicker thumbnail
filter Merge tag 'v2.5.3' into t2-release-2.5
grade Merge tag 'v2.5.3' into t2-release-2.5
group Merge tag 'v2.5.3' into t2-release-2.5
install Merge tag 'v2.5.3' into t2-release-2.5
iplookup MDL-34960 drop deprecated Google Maps API V2
lang Merge tag 'v2.5.3' into t2-release-2.5
lib T-11505 audiences: Fix error when inserting more than 1000 record in …
local MDL-38558 add preupgrade script support
login Merge tag 'v2.5.3' into t2-release-2.5
message Merge tag 'v2.5.3' into t2-release-2.5
mnet MDL-39434 Bump all versions near 2.5 release
mod T-11321 facetoface: Fix booking confirmation email if a f2f session r…
my T-11566 my bookings: change to editable page layout to allow for blocks
notes MDL-40010 notes: passing an object rather than an id to avoid debuggi…
pix Merge tag 'v2.5.3' into t2-release-2.5
plagiarism MDL-37079 create/update_module()
portfolio MDL-42668 portfolio_boxnet: Do not run upgrade multiple times
question Merge tag 'v2.5.3' into t2-release-2.5
rating MDL-36357 cleanup - remove double semicolons
report Merge tag 'v2.5.3' into t2-release-2.5
repository Merge tag 'v2.5.3' into t2-release-2.5
rss MDL-37818 - RSS - Prevent access to blocks while RSS context errors a…
search Merge Moodle commit 'v2.2.1' into t2-integration
tag Merge tag 'v2.5.3' into t2-release-2.5
theme T-11456 theme: Invert background color for rows in flexible table
totara T-11321 facetoface: Fix booking confirmation email if a f2f session r…
user T-11537 totarasync: Added an option to enable/disable Totara sync fie…
userpix MDL-34460 Librairies: Replaced deprecated get_context_instance()
webservice MDL-42309 typo: fix reponse -> response throughout Moodle.
.gitignore Merge branch 'moodle_merge_helper' into t2-merge
.jshintrc MDL-37872 AJAX Remove node option from jshintrc
.shifter.json MDL-39092 JavaScript: Add default Shifter configuration
CHANGELOG.php T-7189 version.php: Tagging version 2.5.2
COPYING.txt T-9876: Update GPL license to v3
INSTALL.txt T-7189 version.php: Tagging version 2.5.0
MOODLEUPGRADE.txt T-7189 version.php: Tagging version 2.5.0
README.txt Merge tag 'v2.4.3' into t2-integration
UPGRADE.txt T-7189 version.php: Tagging version 2.5.0
behat.yml.dist MDL-37046 behat: Adding empty Behat config file
brokenfile.php MDL-26069 detect missing file postprocessing
composer.json MDL-38532 behat: Hardcode latest 2.5 moodlehq/behat-extension version
config-dist.php MDL-41913 tool_generator: Adding a test plan generator to feed JMeter
cucumber.yml T-7589 build/cucumber: Added ruby code for oracle support
draftfile.php MDL-34549 libraries: Replace get_context_instance_by_id() by context:…
file.php Merge v2.4.0-beta into t2-integration
help.php MDL 38508 JavaScript: Split out AJAX and non-AJAX help
help_ajax.php MDL 38508 JavaScript: Split out AJAX and non-AJAX help
index.php Merge branch 'moodle_merge_helper' into t2-merge
install.php Merge branch 'moodle_merge_helper' into t2-merge
mdeploy.php MDL-39664 fixed up is_array test (reverting the whole line basically …
mdeploytest.php MDL-38493 Make mdeploy.php able to install new plugin
phpunit.xml.dist T-11258: Add performance management feature
pluginfile.php MDL-32471 pluginfile.php accepts optional parameter 'preview'
tags.txt T-9712: Update documentation for 2.2
totara_public.pem T-10242 totara/core: Register by email (encrypt part)
version.php T-7189 version.php: Tagging version 2.5.2



For the impatient, here is a basic outline of the
installation process, which normally takes me only
a few minutes:

1) Move the Totara files into your web directory.

2) Create a single database for Totara to store all
   its tables in (or choose an existing database).

3) Visit your Totara site with a browser, you should
   be taken to the install.php script, which will lead
   you through creating a config.php file and then
   setting up Totara, creating an admin account etc.

4) Set up a cron task to call the file admin/cron.php
   every five minutes or so.

For more information, see the INSTALL.txt file in the
code root directory

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