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Copyright 2011 The Open University
This is an alternative forum that you can install into standard Moodle.
It does not replace the standard forum, and operates alongside it.
You can copy forums from the standard forum into ForumNG format if you like
(...and if it works; this hasn't been tested lately).
We cannot offer direct support. Please do not contact me directly. If you
need assistance, try the forum forum on (Remember to make clear
that you are using ForumNG and not the standard forum.)
Bug reports:
Please report bugs to the Moodle tracker using the 'contributed code' project
and 'Module: ForumNG' component. Under Version, please select your Moodle
version e.g. 2.1, 2.2.
Beta quality code. We intend to switch this project to include live quality
code at some point after our mid-October update.
Please note that this code is tested on OU systems but we rely on the
community for testing on other systems.
Moodle 2.1+
Postgres / MySQL
Place the contents of this source tree into your Moodle installation so that
within your Moodle root, this file is mod/forumng/README. Then visit the
Moodle notifications page to install.
If you want the forums to be searchable, you also need to install the
local_ousearch plugin. (It is best to do this before using ForumNG much,
otherwise it takes ages to install as it builds indexes for everything.)
When you install the ousearch plugin, a search box will automatically appear.