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<project name="forumng-stable" basedir="." default="zip">
Builds the contrib version of ForummNG stable.
<!-- Target for zip file -->
<property name="zipfolder" value="${user.home}/Desktop"/>
<!-- File base name -->
<property name="basename" value="forumng"/>
<target name="zip">
<echo message="Update stable branch BEFORE running this script!"/>
<!-- Get the version number from file -->
<loadfile property="versionfile" srcFile="version.php">
pattern="^.*Stable R([^']+)';.*$"
<fail unless="versionfile" message="Unable to find version number (did you run this on HEAD by accident?)" />
<!-- Work out full filename -->
<property name="target" value="${zipfolder}/${basename}.${versionfile}.zip"/>
<!-- Build zip file of all files (except this build script and Ant
default excludes, such as source control files) -->
<delete file="${target}" />
<zip destfile="${target}" level="9">
<fileset dir="..">
<include name="forumng/**"/>
<exclude name="forumng/build.xml" />
<echo message="Now upload this to..."/>
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