Commits on Jun 15, 2017
  1. Forum-Reply/Edit a discussion: Upload form display inconsistency with…

    Kiet.LyChan committed with sammarshallou Jun 1, 2017
    … Creation screen #202494
  2. ForumNG: Reply's Subject is changed to Dicussion's Subject after edit…

    dj4452 committed with sammarshallou May 26, 2017
    …ing Discussion's Subject: #202310
  3. OSEP: Forum: Atto Equation and Chemsitry dialogues not shown fully on…

    Kiet Ly committed with sammarshallou Mar 23, 2017
    … tablet #185694
  4. fix forumng behat #196138

    Loc Nguyen committed with sammarshallou May 11, 2017
  5. Quals/forum: add description, separate from introduction #196462

    timhunt committed with sammarshallou Apr 21, 2017
    There are now separate fields:
    'intro' in the database, "Forum description (shown beside links to this
    forum, if the option below is on)" in the settings form. This gets
    displayed in the study planner (an on the OSEP forums page if
    applicable). if the "Display description on main page" option is on.
    'introduction' in the database, "Forum introduction (shown above the
    list of discussions)" in the settings. This is the text that was already
    present in the forum. It has just been moved to a new place so the
    standard Moodle Display description on main page feature can work for
    the other text.
    The confusingly similar names are because Moodle core requires the
    description field to be called intro in the database. Hopefully the
    comment there is sufficient to explain what is going on.
    There is upgrade code to move the existing forum introducitons into the
    new field. There is also code in restore, so that the data will be
    updated (including files) on restore.
    This commit also fixes some of the behat tests that were failing.
  6. IR1076850 - Forum: move discussion facility lists all site forums reg…

    jason-platts committed with sammarshallou Feb 6, 2017
    …ardless of user visibility #179323
Commits on Dec 13, 2016
Commits on Nov 18, 2016
Commits on Nov 17, 2016
  1. Forum: disable the ability to paste back into a forum from which a co…

    jason-platts committed with sammarshallou Nov 9, 2016
    …py action has been performed #169480
  2. Collab and Community: Quicker forum notification emails when a studen…

    An Pham Van committed with sammarshallou Aug 12, 2016
    …t has opted to subscribe #134102
  3. OSEP: ForumNG: Only show count of own discussions in study advice mod…

    Mark Johnson committed with sammarshallou Oct 12, 2016
    …e #162977